Thursday, 24 May 2007

But wait! There's more!

So now we have Julie with us - one of the most prolific MX authors to date (and btw, if you live in the UK buy a copy of The Sun this saturday and get your voucher to get a FREE copy of one of her books - awesome!). And she says this:

I totally agree with you, Nat, with what you said in your first post about this topic--it depends, and it's character-led. In fact you said it so well I'll be referring people to your answer if I'm asked the same question.
I've had six MXs published so far and every one of them has a different amount of sex in it, and in a different place in the book. Two of them have sex in the first few chapters, and that sex creates huge problems. Another puts off the sex until the last quarter of the book. It's all about the characters and what's right for them.
I agree with what Jude said about it being about voice and character and "feel" rather than mechanics or percentage.I wrote a post about this recently on an erotica-writers' blog, and I think it was quite interesting to read what erotica writers had to say.

Thanks Julie! And we love links to other interesting places...

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Nicola Marsh said...

Great topic, Nat! I've loved reading the posts and responses.

My take on sex in MXs?
For me, writing these books isn't about the sex, it's about the fun, flirty relationship between the characters. It's about a modern woman, an irrisistible guy and the sparks they generate. The sex just seems to be a natural extension of their relationship.
It isn't about the quantity, it's all about the quality and the characters know what they want and aren't afraid to go out there and grab it with both hands-so to speak!
And I love the fact that every MX I've read and written are so different in their approach to "the deed" :)