Saturday, 14 April 2007

Back into it!

Ooooooh Scarlett! I do hope you enjoy it! I think you're about the fifth person I actually know to read it... and of course because they're all nearest and dearest they've had nothing but nice to say... feel free to continue the trend! ;)
Seriously, I hope you enjoy it.
SG - I've missed your acerbic wit. Sheik books are VERY big - didn't you know?! Oh that's right, you only read Booker/Pulizer/Orange prize nominees... you snob you... he he he.

Well, back on board tonight and ploughing through the edits - FINALLY. Am enjoying it thus far (I'll be hating it by the end of the week when I realise I can't get any further without outside help). About to hit big, sticky, muddy, boggy, rough patch in the middle tho... so I'll just save that joy for tomorrow night!

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