Friday, 23 March 2007

Thank you!

.. to everyone who's stopped by - its been fun watching the stat thingummy and seeing where you're all hailing from - hi to Taiwan, the Netherlands, China, South Africa etc and you lot in the UK, US, Canada and Aussie of course!
Back to the words tonight - a little slow after my couple of days off (the 250 from yesterday don't really count) - so now its late.

I have listened to Breathless waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many times now.

I tried an alternative for a while - the same gorgeous foursome doing REM 'Everybody Hurts' - but I'm not up to that bit yet so it didn't work...

There was a hilarious article in The Press this morning about what music people listen to when working out at the gym. Eighties anthems seem to be big. Apparently "It makes you forget that you're actually working hard and at the same time, because you're enjoying it so much, you really can push yourself," - I suspect writing to music is the same - for me anyway. The cheesier, the more motivational they say - read about it here. Eye of the Tiger huh? Hmmm, might have to look that one up on YouTube... tomorrow!

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