Saturday, 24 March 2007

Nice visits and Eighties madness...

Hello to all the postcrossing people who've stopped by - yep, Deluxe is my sister! A special hello and thanks to
'Solecito' in Slovenia! (piccie of flag on post in your honour) - Deluxe passed on the message you've ordered the book from Amazon! Thank you!!! And I really hope you enjoy reading it come May...
Another special hi to Kelly in NZ as well - cool to hear from you and thank you for the wishes :) I hope you like it too and may you discover the fun and pleasure in reading M&Bs - escapist, emotional & enjoyable!
Meanwhile, I tried Eye of the Tiger - must say it was kinda fun. I got the giggles over the keyboardist in his glasses ... why is it all the keyboardists have to wear huge glasses and have bad hair??? It's always the same.
Then I got totally eighties up with a round of Cindy Lauper - genius.
So if you had to pick one eighties anthem - what would it be?

Oh I know. That is just toooooooooo hard...

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