Thursday, 1 March 2007

Back on the chain gang...

OK. Time to seriously get back into the word catching game. I've even added the obiligatory word counter wormy thing on the sidebar there - watch it grow!
I've hung up my pedometer - thank goodness! Was stressful trying not to be a complete sloth - I was devastated to discover rocking side to side (holding babies of course) did not register! So all those hours on my feet doing the baby shuffle count as nada in the step stakes. What a disaster.
And I was wrong about it being Saturday's paper - no idea - will post the link when its up.
Meanwhile one of the lovely babes has decided she wants midnight snacks again - rotter! Still, more time in semi-sleep state to dream up fun things for my characters to do...

Tee-shirts = 2; Nappies = at least 20; Totally sick of the darn breast pump but only 2 months til solids = yippee!!!

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