Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Who's the boss?

Now this is what I LOVE about my cover - a few of you have asked the question... who is the boss... and that is sooooo fabulous. I love it that I can have my lovely alpha hero AND a heroine that is smart, funny, confident and every bit his equal... (ok, they have differing, complementary strengths).
I love it that she's teasing him (which she does, they have a playful side to their relationship) and I love her stockings in the background - she does wear stockings...
My DD loves the pink writing!

Meanwhile, I'm going with Rhys and Zach at this stage. Need to be obviously male for the back cover copy apparently... and we just want MANLY...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Having watched a spot of cricket lately, I must admit that you are quite right about Steven Fleming. He is a bit weedy isn't he?!

Never mind. I have another suggestion...Julian McMahon (of Nip Tuck, Charmed and Profiler). He is USUALLY quite nice but, if you google him, beware of the nasty shot of Julian in a British Racing Green Budgie-Smuggler - eerrrhumpff!!

BTW, have you deserted your own blog??????!!!!!!

Michelle said...

I love your beautiful babies! They are dolls.

Great cover, too. :)

Anonymous said...

why cant you just name your hero Ritchie??!! It's a bit cheeky, a bit sexy, - and he could be Richard when he's being serious and not so naughty! (eewww! thinking of Ritchie McCaw actually being named Richard isnt nearly as appealing)anyway.. not sure if the 'real' Ritchie would appreciate a copy of the book if the character was actually NAMED after him too! ..hmmm? maybe you could send a copy to the whole team??!!