Monday, 3 September 2012

RIVA is BACK & we're having a PARTY!!!

RIVA is back in the UK - YAY!!! There are fourteen books to delight in, some will be in WH Smith in October and they'll all be available in ebook form at the usual spots then too. But you can get them right now direct from Mills and Boon UK - use this gorgeous app on Facebook to read more about each! 

And a bunch of us RIVA authors thought it'd be fun to introduce you to some of the hot heroes of the new Riva line-up - and have a giveaway party along the way :)

(Who doesn't love a giveaway, right?!)

So be sure to come back here tomorrow and meet ETHAN, Kimberly Lang's to-die-for hero from The Privileged and the Damned... and be in with a chance to win her entire MARSHALL trilogy!!!

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