Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Meet MEMPHIS... with Aimee Carson

I'm so thrilled to have another hot, hot, HOT RIVA hero to introduce to you... courtesy of the awesome Aimee Carson, here's Memphis...

Name: Memphis James

Age: 30
Occupation: Stuntman specializing in high falls
Vital Stats: light brown hair, whiskey-colored eyes, 6’ 1” with a whole lot of muscles!
Celebrity Look-a-like: Joshua Lucas
White Lie or Absolute Honesty: Brutal, brutal honesty
Order In or Dine Out: order in
Boxers or Briefs: Briefs!
Best known for: BASE jumping, leaping off of tall buildings, and driving cars off of cliffs before parachuting to the ground below.

We’d want to date him because: he’s guaranteed to leave you breathless…..

They reached the last step before the landing, and Kate unfastened his pants and pushed them to the floor with a thunk, her hands greedy as they skimmed across his chest, lighting him on fire.
            At this rate, he was going to be finished before he’d even mentally committed to participating.
            “Kate, I think—”
            She pressed him back again and his shoulder bumped a picture on the wall, knocking the frame to the stairs where it shattered with a crash.
            But Kate, fastidious, painstakingly correct Kate, didn’t notice.
            And Memphis’s reluctant mind finally fully aligned itself with the rest of his body. With a curse, he released the longing and frustration and the acute ache, cupping her buttocks and pulling her closer. He lifted her until his brief-covered erection nestled between her legs, consuming her mouth in an act of ownership that was as much about his own capitulation as it was about his possession of Kate.
            Mind spinning, he finally allowed himself to indulge in his craving for the feisty woman he’d pushed so hard to uncover. All his teasing looks and goading words, taking delight when the real Kate would emerge, briefly dropping the ice princess facade in exchange for the fiery girl/woman who lit his adolescent years and set him ablaze. And for the first time she was taking what she wanted, even if it was only physically. It was intoxicatingly sexy, this irresistibly full-blooded Kate he’d waited so long to see. Asserting herself. Making her wishes known and not taking no for an answer.
            He’d wanted her to do as much at dinner.
            He’d settle for now.
            Lips consuming hers, relishing the seductive rasp of tongue against tongue, he pulled the pins from her hair, freeing the silken strands as he backed her toward the first closed door he saw, his heart pounding with the need to be inside this woman.
            When he pinned her against the bedroom door, Kate pulled her mouth from his. “Wrong room,” she said.
            “What the hell difference does it make?”
            “I want you in my room.”
            Frustrated, Memphis rolled until his back was against the wall, freeing Kate from the pinned position. He gripped the hem of her dress, tugged it over her head, and gave it a careless toss. The red silk sailed over the railing overlooking the foyer, fluttering out of sight to the first floor below.
            Arms wrapped around her, he kissed her with the same urgency that raged in his veins, working to release her bra as he steered her backward down the hall for the next room. When he pushed her against the second door, he let out a sigh of relief as he dragged her bra off and tossed it over his shoulder.
            “This isn’t the right room, either,” Kate said.
            Need now at a critical level, Memphis muttered, “Damnit, Kate.”  He reached for her hips and hauled her against him, arching his hard body against the enticing softness of hers. “Where’s your bedroom?”
            “Third floor.”
            He eyed the spiral staircase at the end of the long hall. Knowing death by explosion was imminent if he didn’t have this woman soon, he realized he had to take matters more firmly in hand.
            Not bothering with a warning, Memphis leaned down and hoisted Kate over his shoulder.

A fake date with her brother’s wild best friend… What could possibly go wrong? High-flying, high-profile, ex-prom queen and now ex-wife, Kate Anderson has her school reunion and she just can’t face it alone. Hot-shot stuntman, and her twin brother’s best friend, Memphis James is a dangerous option. Their breathtaking, sizzling hot chemistry makes him the perfect companion, but a far greater concern is their scorching shared past. Every turn Kate takes makes it seem like the wheels are falling off her once oh-so-sorted life. Should she flee the scene, or free-fall into the wildest fling of her life?

I know, you want to read the REST, right?! Well you can grab a copy from Mills and Boon UK right now, and if you want a SIGNED copy of the book, then just enter the giveaway below!

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            The summer she turned eleven, Aimee left the children’s section of the library, entered an aisle full of romance novels, and pulled out a book.  That story sparked a love affair with the genre that has never faded.
Armed with a fantastic part-time job as a physician in the Alaskan Bush (imagine a combination of Northern Exposure and E.R., minus the beautiful mountains and George Clooney), she enjoys being home in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota, riding her dirt bike with her three wonderful kids and beyond-patient husband.  But every morning she gets to play God and flirt vicariously through her characters.
Her motto? Life is too short to do anything less than what you absolutely love, and she counts herself lucky to have two jobs she adores. You can find out more about Aimee's books at her website, follow her on Facebook and on Twitter!


Laney4 said...

Sounds absolutely positively HOT! Would love to win it. Many thanks.

Sheryl C. Nash said...

The heroine's name is Kate!!! Thanks for an opportunity to win the book; i've bought every other book by Aimee, coz i LOVE her writing!!

Joanne Wadsworth said...

It's Kate. Love the excerpt. Nice hook at the end. Gotta read.

PrincessFiona01 said...

The thing I always hate about these giveaways is the Tweeting. Sure I'm happy to tell everyone. But it means more competition. So want to know what happens with Kate.

Anonymous said...

Lilly - Thanks for stopping by!

Sheryl - Aww, what lovely words to hear! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Joanne - Glad you enjoyed the excerpt! Thanks for popping in!

Princess Fiona - LOL. Thanks for helping to spread the news! So good to "see" you here :)

Julia Broadbooks said...

Wow. That excerpt is crazy hot!!

Wendy S. Marcus said...

Wow. Just wow! I need to read this. LOVE your writing!

Wendy S. Marcus said...

Wow! Just wow! I need to read this book now! Love your writing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Julia!!

Ahh, Wendy. You are TOO kind!

Thanks for stopping by, Twitter Buddies!

Natalija said...

A stuntman?! That's so original & fresh. I'd love to know what inspired you to write this story. Can't wait to read it!

Natalija said...

Sorry, forgot to answer the question :) It's Kate.

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Natalija! This is the video clip I came across on Youtube- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjry1aTQ_7c -which led me to an interview with the stuntman who did this particular stunt. Which subsequently led me to a book written by a Hollywood stuntman, and it was a fascinating read. And so, that's the story of how Memphis was born LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!

Desere said...

Wonderful post thank you for sharing the book sounds riviting and I would adore to win a copy so thank you so very much for the awesome contest !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by, Desere!