Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Smoke, stops, and excerpts...

It's been a busy old time in The Plotting Shed and it's big sister house. Actually, I nearly burned the big sister down the other day when I left chickpea curry on the hob - BIG oops. But we got back in time to save it. The smell of smoke lingered but then some painters arrived and added some enamel to the mix... good thing the PS is there to escape to! For a couple of hours we were worried the shed might turn into a houseboat and float away as it's been rain, rain, RAINING all the time and the creek burst its banks... but we're right now.

I've been managing to get *some* writing done in between the smoke and smell and madness and I'm very excited because I have a SURPRISE coming for you later in the week. YAY! I love surprises :)

And I've been popping up around the net the last couple of weeks with excerpts and chat for WAKING UP IN THE WRONG BED (which by the way is on spesh in the Amazon Kindle store at 2.99 and also B&N Nook). The next stop is the 15th over at Christine Warner  - with an interview :) Of course its the 15th here in NZ already, but not in other places so might need to leave it a couple of hours...

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