Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hope you have a lovely Solstice

It's the shortest day in New Zealand today which means if you're in the northern hemisphere then you have the longest daylight today--the midnight sun in Iceland and all that. I wonder if there's going to be a party at Stonehenge or some pagan festivals on. Or any kind of festival!

We've had a big snow dump here already and I know the worst of winter is yet to come, but it is nice to think the days will be getting longer again soon...

I love living in a country with clearly defined seasons (although, they do seem to be acting more odd than what I remember as a child). I look forward to each new season as invariably get to the point of being 'over' the present season - so the new one comes along at just the right time.

Mind you, summer could last a little longer where I am. Good thing Autumn is so gorgeous!

Do you like the changes in season?

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