Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lucky 7...

So Nicola Marsh tagged me in this lucky 7 meme--it was supposed to be page 77, line 7 and the next 7 lines but as I'm working on a novella, I don't have 77 pages at this point! So she said page 27... and here goes:

He didn’t look at her, though she knew he’d seen her. 

There’d been that moment when he’d glanced down the footpath as he'd waited for the car. 

But his face had remained impassive, those sunglasses hiding his startling eyes and any remnants of the heat they’d once betrayed. 

Now he turned to the car and the occupant who'd raced out to cling to him.  

He guided that other woman back--tenderly--and got in after her. 

The car began to move before his door had fully closed.

Nina stood alone in the summer sunlight, wishing the soft cashmere had been wrapped around her.

And now I think I'm supposed to tag seven authors - but I'm still in novella mode so let's go with three:
  • Soraya Lane
  • Bronwen Evans
  • Ally Blake

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Nicola Marsh said...

Oooh...tempting and mysterious...