Saturday, 7 January 2012

Fresh Flirting & Sexual Tension...

More reviews are in for MELT!

 Night Owl Reviews says,

...the flirting is fresh and full of double entendre at every turn. And while Emma fights it almost every step of the way, they become friends long before they eventually become lovers. Both characters were multi-dimensional, both dealing with past hurts and betrayals. Both taking the opportunity to learn there are no fairytales, sometimes you have to work for something you truly want... a great look into life on the bases of Antarctica.

I really like the fact that even though there was not a lot of smexin' in MELT, there was a lot of  sexual tension between Hunter and Emma, there were several moments when he would simply touch her or look at her that made me catch my breath.

Emma is strong, funny and not scared to go after what she wants. Hunter is a super sexy Alpha, the kind of hero you fall in love with instantly.  He is flirty, silly, caring and has emotional baggage. If I wouldn't have fallen in love with Hunter at the beginning of the book, I would have during the Christmas scene.

...MELT is a delightful read. If you like fun, emotional, sexy reads, do not pass on reading MELT. 

I'm so pleased people are enjoying Hunter & Emma's story!

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