Tuesday, 24 January 2012

52 Books: 3. Mackenzie's Mission by Linda Howard

Who doesn't love a Flyboy???

Like his father before him, Joe Mackenzie was as wild as the wind, and not about to settle down. But he couldn't ignore a challenge - and Caroline Evans was just that. 
Caroline was bright, beautiful and determined to keep her distance. But Joe had another mission in mind... making her his own.

This was such a great book and absolutely what I needed this week - a full on alpha hero with an intelligent, formidable heroine to match him. I loved the dialogue, the action and those steamy scenes - and I also loved the bit in Linda Howard's letter to readers at the beginning where she says she wrote a whole 'nother version of Joe's story that she scrapped and then started again with this one. So nice to hear as I completely overhaul my latest story myself!!!!!

Meanwhile, you head over to Pimpin' Reads - where I am today, talking about Summer vs Winter - do come and say hi!!!

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