Thursday, 22 December 2011

Comic Book Cuteness

Remember how last week I was talking about how nice it was to see PLEASURED IN THE PLAYBOY'S PENTHOUSE living on as an ebook and to know that readers were enjoying it!?
Well I just discovered it's  gone out as a manga in Japan! It's my first book to go into manga and I'm very excited! Look at the cover - so pretty! I'm really hoping I get a copy in the mail in a few weeks because I can't wait to see how Bella's story has been illustrated :) Aren't the contrasting covers a hoot!

Meanwhile, reviews for MELT are starting to come in...

Natalie Anderson delivers another flirty, fun filled, page turner. One of Ms. Anderson's strengths is her witty dialogue and there isn't long to wait in this novella as a unique meet-cute leads to some saucy conversation on page two which is carried on throughout the story. Hunter our American hero is utterly gorgeous and sexually confident and Emma is an equal match for him.

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Only a couple of days until Chrismas now folks - I do hope all your plans are coming on and that you all get a chance to relax and enjoy it :)

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