Monday, 21 November 2011

Taking it to the skies

Okay - so last week one dude dressed up as Batman and abseiled down the centre of a shopping mall to propose to his girlfriend, while a couple of weeks before a guy proposed to his girlfriend on a skydive... and we have a New Zealand guy doing his thing by proposing to his girlfriend in the new Dreamliner airplane... so the proposals seem to be inspired by the heights recently! I guess it's a new twist on the 'top of the Eiffel Tower' or something!

It's really impressive the lengths some guys go to propose to their love in a unique, memorable way... Do you think more guys are feeling the pressure to do something 'out there' these days? (We could call it 'proposal pressure'!).  Or have there always been some guys who've done a creative proposal and it's only because of the Internet (and YouTube) that we're more aware of them now... OR is it because of YouTube that they're doing the big show proposals?!


Lacey Devlin said...

Ooo interesting question. I live in a smallish town and very rarely do you hear about a creative proposal so perhaps it also depends on where you are.

Natalie Anderson said...

Perhaps it does Lacey!! Or maybe those in a smallish town like to keep it private?! Guess it all depends on the individual really. Lots of fun though!!! :)