Monday, 14 November 2011

The all singing, all dancing proposal... and the perfect date to do it...

Oh there are so many to choose from now aren't there?! It seems flash mob wedding proposals are the new black... I think it takes a lot of confidence and co-ordination to master the public wedding proposal...

So here's the latest - from last week on the London train system - and very cute it is too!

I also love this one from back in August (it's taken me a while to get to see it having been offline so long!)

And apparently there was a spike in weddings just a couple of days ago - many couples wanting that 11/11/11 date for their anniversary - after all, it comes round only every hundred years. There were hundreds queuing in Vegas apparently and there was a mass marriage registration ceremony in Malaysia for 311 couples!!! Just imagine the perfume and hairspray in the room from 311 brides!!!! Not to mention the mothers of the brides!!! I reckon that must have been some event to say the least!!!

So, to all those newly weds from last week - congratulations!!!

And I saw too there was a baby girl born in the UK at 11/11/11 at 11:11 a.m - and was given the middle name Poppy - bless.

I wasn't born or married on a particularly auspicious date (altho both dates are very important to me of course!). Wonderhubs and I did get married in the year 2000 - which makes it really easy to remember how many years we've been married!!!

If you're married - did you select a date based around it's importance for other reasons, or mainly because your number one venue was available that day!? Is there a date that has special meaning to you?!


Lacey Devlin said...

Great videos! Thanks for sharing, Nat. I didn't know there'd been a a birth at 11/11/11 at 11:11am. Isn't that incredible!

Brigitte said...

Such cute videos. Thanks for spending time researching the net and sharing your finds with us.

We knew we wanted to get married one week after having met. Ahem, we couldn't tell that our respective parents, though. So we waited for 6 months and got engaged on my Birthday.

We go married one year after we met, not to the date as he had work commitments (already!!) but we managed to make it to the month.

So we have two important dates. March 3rd and March 23, our wedding date.

Natalie Anderson said...

Hi Lacey - yes - thats amazing isn't it?! I'm not sure if it was a natural delivery or an op - either way, it's just lovely :)

Natalie Anderson said...

Brigitte -what a fab story!!! So it was absolute love at first sight?! How romantic!!!