Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Broken Roof, Broken Blog...

Okay - so I *had* been planning to blog a whole lot more but then I got home a week ago to find a roofer in the driveway who said "I don't want to panic you BUT..."

Turns out the roof on that house was structurally unsafe due to earthquake damage - heavy snow worsened it. In the course of attempted repairs more troubles were found - and more damage ensued from another aftershock - so we've moved out super quick, tossed all our belongings into storage and gone to stay with relatives for a few weeks. I have limited internet access and even more limited time.

As the thing I need to do with that all-too-rare spare time is WRITE my books, I'm just popping in now to say I won't be online much at all for the next couple of months - I figure you'd rather have a whole other book than some random blog posts from me, right?! ;)

Stay safe everyone - keep an eye on the blog/website as I'll try to update as new releases come up. But for now, here's the schedule in the next couple of months:

September: NICE GIRLS FINISH LAST on the shelves in the UK
October: NICE GIRLS FINISH LAST on the shelves in Aust/NZ
November: NICE GIRLS FINISH LAST on the shelves in the US

Take care all and I'll be back to talk in November :)


Jackie Ashenden said...

Hugs, Nat! That sounds awful. Hope you and your family stay safe. And that you get LOTS of writing time. :-)

Judy Jarvie said...

Crikey, glad you are all safe. Hugs. And hope you get your head down and that book flies from the fingertips.

Brigitte said...

Oh Natalie, that's really bad news concerning your house. Hope everything will be repaired in no time and that you'll be able to settle back in.
In the meantime take care of your family.

TashNz said...

Hi Natalie, I was just checking in to find your latest blog so I could say YAY I saw your book was Book of the Month in the shops... I wasnt online much of September so missed this one... so I hope things are getting better as time passess and congratulations on the Book of the Month sticker. Chat November :)

Adam Waterford said...

Good day Natalie. There are lots of roof repairmen out there who can help you with your problem, but it seems your problems have escalated from being a mere roof problem. While repairs are ensuing, I believe it is best for you to stay at your relatives. A house in danger of collapsing is never a good place to stay.

Natalie Anderson said...

Thanks so much everyone for your concern (and hugs!) - we're well out of that place now and it stands empty waiting to be pulled down. We're back in our own home and have some builders and painters doing some fix-it work - we were very lucky in that our own place hasn't been too badly damaged at all in the quakes.
It is very nice to be home!