Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sneak Peek: Dating & Other Dangers

So DATING & OTHER DANGERS is all about Nadia, who runs a dating reputation website called, and one Ethan Rush who's been named and shamed on this website as Mr Three-Dates-And-You're-Out.

Ethan - unimpressed with his online treatment - challenges Nadia to three dates - to 'prove'  he's not the cad he's made out to be.
But Ethan has no intention of playing fair - no, he's out to take Nadia on in her own domain - online. So here's a little taste - he's setting up his own blog in retaliation - and he plans to be as provocative as possible...

He logged into one of the major blogging sites and thought for a second about the title.


Fantastic – not registered and his to use.
And his tagline?

– Taking on the Dirt-Dishing Dating Divette.

He could do alliteration too, see? And at least he could spell rather than using any basically illiterate abbreviations. The T-crossing, I-dotting legal writer in him detested those. Although admittedly "divette" was his own invention – but she was too itty bitty to be a true diva. He filled in the little grid detailing "all about this blog"…

Ethan Rush – supposedly ‘shamed’ as Mr Three Dates and You’re Out over on WomanBWarned wants those women to get real and for Guys to Wise Up to the dating reputation dross that’s online. Come hang out here boys, and get clued up to the reality. And get way better dating advice than any you’ll read over there…

Because he was so much more of an expert on dating than Ms OlderNWiser, and she was going to know it. He chuckled as he composed his first entry. There was nothing like a challenge to get his blood pumping. Grin wolfish, he started typing the beginning...

GuysGetWise: The Chick Flick is your Friend

According to the self-proclaimed guru over at WomanBWarned, Ms ‘OlderNWiser’, going to the movies is a dumb first date destination.
A cinema is a nice, totally safe environment that can push the defrost button on even the most hardened ice queen – like Ms OlderNWiser herself.
You can round it out more if you want by going for pizza before if necessary – NOT the usual cheap delivery guys, this first time it’s got to be gourmet. Be seen to be making an effort. But as we all know, there’s nothing worse than being stuck at a pricey restaurant with a vacuous woman who has no conversation while waiting hours for two strips of potato, a fifty pence sized piece of steak and some weird green oil drizzled in dots on the edge of an oversized white plate. Instead go for pizza to say hi and then ease off the pressure for a bit.
The movie gives you a couple of hours to settle into each other’s company – you’re close but not too intensely focused on each other. Afterwards, you’ve then got something to talk about to start you off. And then, once she’s started, she won’t stop. Babes like to talk – and they will if warmed up. After a movie she’ll be in the mindset. So let her share with you.
Immutable dating fact: the more you let her share, the more she’ll want to be with you. It’s that simple.
You might wince, but the chick flick in particular is your friend. She’ll get the warm fuzzy feeling. Then go for the one-two punch – the chick flick followed by dessert. She’ll be as gooey inside as the chocolate pudding she’s spooning in. And bud, you will benefit from the happy ending hormones she’s riding on.
Brace yourselves and get her to the rom-com, feel-good kissy flick. That’s what I’ll be doing with Ms OlderNWiser. It’s the perfect first date softener. And us guys like soft.

Ethan paused, his fingers hovering above the keyboard, his lips twisting as an evil urge gripped him.

Stay tuned for how to nail her on the second date.

He hit ‘publish’ before he had second thoughts. Hey, he’d said it all along, there was a lot of rubbish out there on the Internet. And she’d shredded his rep anyway right?

Here's a snippet from a recent review:

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Lacey Devlin said...

It's in my TBR pile. I'm waiting until I have a block of time to read it all at once :-)

Natalie Anderson said...

Go snatch that time Lacey! :)