Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Blowing the cobwebs off the blog!

Oh dear! I didn't realise how much time had slipped since I last blogged... BAD blogger me!!!

But I have excuses, you want to hear them? No, I agree, they're really not that fascinating. Ultra short version is that moving cities with four kids and short notice = chaotic. Yes, my brain is somewhere in that room where all the unopened boxes are still piled...

But never mind. We're here now and good to get on with it!

SO the writing side of life has been a little slow during the shift time - but there's a deadline looming and motivation is needed. This week is the Romance Writers of America national conference in New York. Harlequin is having a party at the Waldorf Astoria. I got an invite... but sadly, New York is just too far for this little Cinderella this year...
However, instead of getting down about all the fun that's going on over there and living vicariously through the #RWA11 hashtag on Twitter, I decided to set up a Cinderella hashtag #cinders - so any of you writers out there who want to kick butt writing wise this week, and want some company, come and play (if that link doesn't work, just go to Twitter and search on the hashtag #cinders). We're setting own goals for the week (mine is to write 6k by Saturday, others are doing 1500 a day, others are revising) - that makes it sound like there are a zillion of us, but actually I think fewer than 10 - we're small in size, but big on friendly - and focused.
Well, trying to be focused...

I do have some exciting news - my latest book has gotten a title and release date: FIRST TIME LUCKY? will be out in the UK as a Riva in January 2012 - so big YAY. And yes, I think Roxie is pretty lucky in her first time ;)

Don't forget that THE END OF FAKING IT is on the shelves in the US in July, while DATING AND OTHER DANGERS will on on the shelves in the UK in July. Be sure to come over to the LoveCats blog this Sunday 4th July for an excerpt from Dating - and the chance to win a copy!

Meanwhile, I'd better get down and write my tally so I keep up with my fellow Cinders!

With very best wishes,


Rachael Johns said...

Love your dating cover and as someone who's moved only six months ago with THREE kids and bought a new business at the same time, I understand and FEEL your pain. Good luck writing up a storm. I'd join ya except I'm on the tail end of RWA Oz's 50ks in 30days challenge and one challenge is enough for me at a time :)

Natalie Anderson said...

Oh thanks Rachael! Moving is a mission isn't it?!?!!?!?
Huge congrats on the 50k in 30!!! Are you near success?
The Cinders are just a small group of own goals - nothing very formal at all!!! But already it helped me ensure I met my personal goal for tonight... nothing like a little public accountability :)

Lacey Devlin said...

Wow to the moving cities with four kids! Congrats on being able to put a sentence together after that. I think I'd still be hiding under a bed somewhere...

I'm really looking forward to Dating and Other Dangers and First Time Lucky? I love the cover of Dating and Other Dangers and can't wait to see what they come up with for First Time Lucky?

P.S. LOVED (as in...!!!LOVED!!!) The End of Faking It

Natalie Anderson said...

Hi Lacey! Thanks so much for your comment- I'm so thrilled you loved the End of Faking It - that's so nice t hear :)
Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the covers too - I think there have been some awesome Riva covers - I just love the one for Dating & Other Dangers! :)