Friday, 1 April 2011

Happy April Days!

Hey everyone - sorry have been absent from the blog a bit (blame the deadline). But we're into April already and that's a super exciting month for me because I've got double releases - WALK ON THE WILD SIDE hits North America, while THE END OF FAKING IT is on the shelves in the UK.

WALK ON THE WILD SIDE features my snowboarding super stud Jack and covered-up chameleon Kelsi - here's what some Amazon UK reviewers have said:

The characters of Kelsi and Jack were well developed and any dialogue between them, well written. I found I understood them both and rooted for them too. I was especially impressed by the fact that Kelsi wasn't your conventional stunning beauty, but had a freshness and quirkiness about her which was endearing.  - Lizzie

Walk on the Wild side is a classic Mills & Boon type of romance, but unlike many of the genre its characters are really realistic and likeable. ..It's a feel good sort of book; it takes only a few hours to read and would be ideal for a long train journey or flight or just curling up with in front of the fire. I'd certainly recommend it both to anyone who's curious about what Mills & Boon are really like, and to die-hard fans alike. - Imreallyanelf 

With a heroine who has some deep seated inadequacy issues and a hero afraid to stop having fun, this opposites attracts story is fun, hot and oddly sweet. Whether it's Kelsi's amazing array of contact lenses, or Jack's attempts to see the real her and make her believe she is beautiful, this tale is quirky and adorably feel-good. Even with both of them too defensive to take an emotional risk, this never wallos in self-pity or repetitive inner monologues, and the ending is adorable... Relax and enjoy the romance!  - Book Gannet

You can grab a copy from stores in a week or so, or online now!

Meanwhile, THE END OF FAKING IT hits UK stores this month too. More reviews are to come - but here's what one reader said on the Mills & Boon website:

"What can I say other than another great read... Wonderfully written and Carter is such a great character and a perfect foil for Penny.  A really enjoyable and racy read.  More please!!"

This book will also be out on the shelves in Australia and New Zealand next month, but you can get it direct from M&B Australia now - and best of all, it's in a new duo format with THE MAN SHE LOVES TO HATE by the fabulous, RITA nominee Kelly Hunter!

So I've been busy meeting one deadline and am getting stuck into something new now, but please be sure, sure, sure to come find me at my Facebook page - I'm hanging there most often these days and as soon as my next box of author copies arrives (hopefully any day now) I'll be doing a snap giveaway of a bunch of them. So come and get connected so your name can be one of the ones pulled :)

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