Tuesday, 5 January 2010

January already!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and happy times with loved ones. Did you make New Year resolutions? I set myself a few goals but not resolutions as such.

It's summer here in New Zealand and we've been having fun camping with the kids. Okay, we cheated a bit by camping on my mother's property and then my brother in laws - but it was still fun!

In book news, Ruthless Boss Royal Mistress is on the shelves in the USA at the moment and has hit the Waldenbooks bestseller charts! I hope you enjoy Liss and James' story.

If you're in the UK you can get To Love, Honour and Disobey direct from Mills & Boon or Amazon and it'll be on store shelves in February. Here's the blurb:

With this ring...

Ana couldn't believe her luck when irresistibly sexy Sebastian Rentoul proposed. Seb made Ana feel less like a gangly, awkward beanpole and more like a stunning, desirable supermodel. Until she realised that being Mrs Rentoul didn't mean she had her husband's love...

I thee bed!

Now Ana's issued divorce papers and is getting on with her life. But Seb, fascinated more than ever by his reluctant bride, decides to make sure she fully understands how much pleasure she'll be missing out on...

And if you're in Australia or New Zealand, Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress is available direct from M&B Australia now and will be on the shelves also in February.The Australasian version includes a bonus novella by the fabulous Jane Porter called "Mistaken for a Mistress" - now how's that for a treat!

I'm back at the coal face, typing word after word to meet my next deadline - must get back to it pronto infact because it is sneaking up that little bit too quickly!

I hope you are all well and happy!!!


Brigitte said...

All the best in 2010 for you and your family.
Stay healthy and create lots and lots of happy memories with your loved ones. That's all that counts in life.
And...ohh yes, I nearly forgot... a good read from my fave author; actually have ordered To Love, Honor and Disobey yesterday.

So good start into the New Year is already assured for me!!

And a toast for lots of new stories to come. At this point visualize me reaching for a glass of bubbly - sharing it with you and all the other fans, of course

Lacey Devlin said...

Happy New Year Nat!

I hope you and the fam had a great holiday season!

Congrats on hitting the bestseller charts and happy writing for 2010!

Natalie Anderson said...

Hi Brigitte - Happy New Year to you too!!! i hope you enjoy "To love..." - and I hope it has the long kind of ending you like - actually I KNOW one that does - "Unbuttoned by her Maverick Boss" is definitely one for you - I'm just doing the line edits for it now but when its out I'l be sending you a copy!

Hi Lacey - happy NY to you too and happy writing for 2010 for you too :)

Brigitte said...

"Unbuttoned", huh?! Well that's another teaser of yours, isn't it?? How is it that you always come up with such great titles and get us all into such a state... impatient to read more?!
Sigh, and double sigh...
Can't wait to receive a copy.