Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Yes I'm still here!

Gosh it's been ages and what a busy time it has been- head down and fingers to the keyboard I can tell you!

So August means BETWEEN THE ITALIAN'S SHEETS is available direct from Harlequin Australia and will be on the shelves in the shops in New Zealand and Australia too.

I've a few titles in Europe at the moment as well - BOUGHT: ONE NIGHT, ONE MARRIAGE is out in France, Holland, and Italy, while PLEASURED BY THE SECRET MILLIONAIRE is out in Germany and Greece and MISTRESS UNDER CONTRACT is out in Germany.

It's been a really busy time writing wise and I'm thrilled to be able to tell you I've a couple of new titles and release dates to give you:
HOT BOSS, BOARDROOM MISTRESS will be out in the UK in December this year, and then,
TO LOVE, HONOUR AND DISOBEY will be out in the UK in Febrary 2010!

I've also been busy contributing to a new blog that's over at STUFF - one of New Zealand's biggest media websites. Now its not a blog abot writing - but parenting! I take on light topics - you can check out some of them like on kid's birthday party bags, and pocket money here.

August also means that its time for the Romance Writers of New Zealand annual conference. I am so excited about going! I've only been to one before and I am very much looking forward to mixing with so many romance writers in one place and meeting some of online buddies face to face.

And of course I've been nose to the grindstone on my latest WIP as well - it is due just before the conference - so I have one huge treat to look forward to after I hit the 'send' button.
I hope you are all well and happy - hopefully I'll get to see some of you at conference!
Best wishes,


Aideen said...

Love the new titles Natalie, they sound very mishevious, not to mention enticing! Already making a mental note of the release dates.
You've been really busy by the sounds of things and what better way to chill out than at the upcoming conference. I'm sure you will have a blast, modern heat sytle!

All the best,

Aideen said...

Please, ignore the spelling errors. My brain never functions during school holidays.


Jackie Ashenden said...

Hey Natalie, hoping to catch up with you at conference!! You'll have to let me know when and where you'll be around. If you see a woman with short red hair standing around like a Nigel No-mates, that'll be me. :-)

Lacey Devlin said...

Oh gorgeous covers! My favourite's the one with the evening clothes... there's something about a man in a tux... ;)

Natalie Anderson said...

Hi Aideen! Please don't worry about typos - I make a ton when blogging - its the useless typist in me, not the useless speller! ;)
I'm thrilled with the titles and covers too.
Jackie we are SO meeting up - I know about 3 people so will be wandering round friendless a lot of the time. Last time I went I had the twins with me so really wasn't able to socialise much. This time I'm coming alone - my first few night away without the children - I can't quite believe it!
Lacey - I love them too - but I especially love the French covers - although the beefy Italian guy is rather gorgeous! :)

Joanne said...

Gorgeous covers :)

Enjoy the conference - am sure it'll be fab.

I'm off to the Aussie one, in Brissie, next week and I cant wait :)

Stephanie said...

I love the covers! It's good to see the international ones.

I actually got the e-book version of Between The Italian's Sheets through the UK Mills and Boon site back in May but it's taken me until now to actually comment on it. As always, I enjoyed it a lot and am still on the mission to read all of your books.

Best of luck with your WIP too.

Anonymous said...

Great to see all those books published in so many different countries.
Just read your book Mistress Under Contract - that "stories that sizzle" comment is well-deserved!
It may seem weird, but there's one thing that just caught my eye in that book and I decided to go right to you for answer so I didn't have to wonder anymore :)
The dedication "For Jo, the world's best Webmistress - thank you" -- is it (webmistress) a play with words to tie it in with the title of the book or is this mysterious Jo really your site author?

First time reader

Natalie Anderson said...

Hi Joanne - hope you enjoyed the Oz conference - I'm in the process of packing now - such fun!
And Stephanie - I'm so glad you enjoyed Luca's story.
And dear Anon First Time Reader - actually when I wrote that book Jo really was my website builder - she's my cousin-in-law (if that makes sense) and is truly fabulous! I hope you enjoyed the sizzle! (Must confess I rather love Daniel...)

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Natalie! I hope it wasn't the weirdest question anyone has ever asked you about your books :) Keep the sizzle coming! The new titles sure sound promising.

First Time Reader

Judy Jarvie said...

Oooooh I'm quivering just looking at those Harmoney covers at the bottom! Stroke worthy covers (as in with fingertips not the other kind-although maybe that works too given how hot the men are).
jx :)