Friday, 8 May 2009

May already...

Hello to May already! Firstly apologies for not posting bang on May 1st, but we had a virus - of the computer sort - dreaded things. I am still reloading all my programs etc. Fortunately the family photos all survived - and that's the most important thing!

In book news, PLEASURED BY THE SECRET MILLIONAIRE is now available from (click on the widget in the right hand column) and will be on the shelves over there in June.It had a lovely review in Romantic Times, getting 4 stars and they said "...This touching love-at-first-sight story is filled with heartfelt emotion, but the real treat is when the characters begin to open up to each other and reveal their secrets as attraction turns to love."

Also, in the UK, BETWEEN THE ITALIAN'S SHEETS is available direct from Mills & Boon now (again click on the widget to the right!) and will be on the shelves there in June.

You can buy both books as ebooks right away (yes, those widgets again!) and I'm thrilled to see PLEASURED has made it into the top ten ebooks list already over at eharlequin:)

Writing-wise I'm so pleased to report that I have sold my tenth title to Mills & Boon - release details to follow. I'm deep into the draft of the next and in the rethink/rewrite phase...

Family-wise it is an exciting month as my second child starts school! A very big day indeed and while I know he's ready (And I'm ready!) I do confess to feeling a little more heartbroken about it each day the moment draws closer...

Now, be sure to pop back in the next day or two - I have a fabulous selection of foreign covers to put up (and I'll add them here once I get my resizing program reloaded!) and now that my author copies have FINALLY arrived I can have a wee competition!!! See you soon!

With very best wishes,


Lacey Devlin said...

Hi Natalie!

Sorry to hear about your computer virus, darn messy things!

Congrats on your 10th book!

Ahh the happy/sadness of the first day of school. You may just need someone there to hold your hand :)

Can't wait to see those foreign covers!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Just got Between the Italian's Sheets. Looking forward to reading it - it's my reward when I get too down with waiting. Thanks for providing such great distractions, Natalie. :-)

And good luck with your draft, not to mention the first day of school. They grow up so quickly eh?

Stephanie said...

Hi Natalie,

I got the e-book version of Between the Italian's Sheets yesterday and started reading it once it had downloaded - I loved it. I've got another e-book of yours to read soon too!

Natalie Anderson said...

Hi Lacey, Jax and Stephanie!!!

Yes Lacey, that virus was SUCH a pain - and yes, a little hand holding will be required on that first day... but I know we're both so ready - LOL!!!!

Jax - thank you so much for buying the Italian - I hope you enjoy it and I hope your wait isn't for too much longer... can't wait for a sale party!!!

And Stephanie, I'm so glad you loved Luca's story & I hope you tfind the other just as enjoyable :)