Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Still panicking...

i have gone up 3 dress sizes in one day from comfort eating while panic packing and trying to cope with the 2 most grumpy toddlers in all the world... and i had my hair done and i have streaks so blonde they're grey and i look like morticia adams... and i have a 'to do' list longer than my simian-like arms all to be done in the twenty minutes in between the kindy sandwich making and school runs and coping with above mentioned grumpy toddlers etc etc etc

... anyone got any last minute long haul travel tips for twin toddlers????


Ann M. said...

I've never traveled with twins but have traveled by car and air with active toddlers.

You never mentioned their exact age.

Activities... "cranky" goodies that are a surprise to them. You should have seen my cranky toy bag. It would sit next to me in the car or on the plane to help distract our kidlets.

STICKERs are great. Paper and stickers as they make their own pictures.

We had some magnet boards with pieces that could move.

If they are older toddlers we had the kidlets play with handheld games. Before game boy etc... we had Lion King games.. Tarzan games.

Of course, coloring books and crayons.

Hand puppets if you want to do some active time with them.

Music or books on tape.

Don't forget loveys and snacks.

Hope this helps.

Marcy said...

I have one word...Gravol.
It helps with any motion sickness, and more importantly, makes them very sleepy.

Michelle Styles said...

Always remember eventually the flight will end. And expect to spend your time amusing your children.

New toys. Lots of books. And parental attention.

Looking forward to finally meeting you in person next week!

katyr said...

OMG - have an AWESOME trip! How amazing!! Where are H&K going to be? That sounds like a LOT of fun. Have a ball - (oh and no travel tips from me - we stressed out on a trip to Aus. Maybe just don't look at your watch cos it'll only be 4 minutes since you last looked - argghhhh) Kate R

Natalie Anderson said...

Ann - they're 23 months. Somehow I ended up with two Mr Potato Heads in my shopping cart today - hopefully they'll work for a while...

Marcy - is Gramol the same as Phenergin?? Sounds like it - for motion sickness etc and yep, makes 'em sleepy...

Really looking forward to meeting you too Michelle :)

Hey Kate - oh we have to catch up proper some time! The big two are at home and Nan is moving in...