Wednesday, 24 September 2008

I'm home!!!

Wow - what a trip!
I had intended to blog a couple of times while I was away but you know what? I had a holiday instead :)
We had a ball- it really was (believe it or not) relaxing. It was sunny all week and we caught up with old friends (and their kids!) and I got to yakker for hours to my poor editor and I had a lovely time at the AMBA (Assoc of Mills & Boon Authors) lunch. It was so great to meet some of the writers I've gotten to know 'online' and others who have such a wealth of experience and are kind enough to share...

But now, I've come home and have to crack on immediately with the revisions to my latest sub and start the next one that's due at Christmas - the holiday is over...
...well, I'm thinking I'll start those revs tomorrow night because altho my delightful toddlers travelled exceptionally well, they were up for toast at 2am and I'm fairly sure they'll be up for it again tonight... ahhhhh, jetlag!

But boy, it was so worth it :)


Kate Walker said...

Glad you're home safe and the little ones managed the journey so well. It was great to meet you if only so very briefly. Give my love to Martin ;o)


Joanne said...

Welcome back - so glad to hear you had a fabulous time (and the kidlets travelled well :) )

BTW - saw a lovely photo of you with the girls on Julie Cohen's blog :) you all look like you were having a wonderful time together!!

Cheers, Joanne

Avi J said...

Hi Nat, welcome back. Sounds like a fun time. Those different time zones, really are a bummer for kiddies. I remember my niece wanting breakfast at midinght, for three days after a vacation to Surrey. Hopefully they will get back into the swing of things soon.

Donna Alward said...

Nat! I thought of you so often. I'm glad you had a wonderful time. Now where are the pictures, hmmmm?


Julie Cohen said...

It was brilliant to meet you in person, and I'm glad you're back safe and sound.

Good luck with the revisions, which I'm sure you will nail.

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled you're back :) I hope the 2am toast ritual doesn't last too long :)

I've been re-reading your bio and was just wondering how many revisions it takes until you get a finished product? If your latest sub is due at Christmas does that mean we will see it soon after?


Kate Hardy said...

Welcome back :o) Lovely to meet you properly in person!

Natalie Anderson said...

LOL Kate - I'll be sure to do that!

So nice to meet you guys - Kate, Julie, Kate and everyone. Was fab.

Donna we have to go the same year sometime - hubby and I made a pact that if I ever get to 25 we'll go again so I can get my pin there - what do you think? Should we make it a double date???!!!

Hi Joanne, Avi and Nikki - it is good to be back - the 2am toast thing has been improving hour by hour each night... and daylight savings starts tomorrow so they should be bang on for that :)

Nikki - I'm about to do a post and will talk revisions in there ok?!