Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The One... The Only... The Fabulous... JAN COLLEY!!!

I have SUCH a treat today! The wonderful Jan Colley - Silhouette Desire author has agreed to come play - we're shelf buddies in New Zealand this month for the first time which is FUN! So please, read her news and her excerpt, give us your answer to her question and be in to win! She'll be loitering to answer any questions you may have too so don't be shy!!!

Hello! Thanks, Nat, for inviting me to link arms and join in the fun as we appear on the bookshelves together for the first time, two Christchurch girls together. We should have gotten huge red stickers printed – CHRISTCHURCH AUTHOR – or maybe we should do the rounds of the bookstores with a big marker pen…

It always seems such a long wait from the time the books hit the shelves in the US to finally coming out downunder. And I’m having trouble typing the title now, since I’ve become used to the US spelling of Billionaire’s Favorite Fantasy. I’m pleased to report that it appeared on the Waldenbooks booksellers list, albeit in the bottom half, but it did languish there for three weeks, which is always good.
I have had some good reviews (and one bad – sad face) and some nice comments re the cover, which is my favourite cover of all my books.

Except for the hero’s too-dark hair, it was near perfect, right down to the rustic cabin and firelight, his black tee and jeans and especially the white coat. And yes, the long white fur coat was definitely an integral part of his fantasy…

And that brings me to my question: What’s your favourite fantasy? It should involve a man/lover as opposed to a weekend in Melbourne with a couple of close girlfriends and unlimited credit. (Some decorum, please. Remember, this is a family blog!) Does it involve a special place, resort or hotel? A Clooney or Pitt lookalike? Dancing in the moonlight, looking beautiful at a glittering ball, or walking hand in hand along a perfect white-sand beach? The most interesting answer will win a copy of Billionaire’s Favourite Fantasy. (And a copy of Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire from Nat!)

I’ll kick off by saying I have always had a fascination for meeting someone for the first time in a public place, usually crowded, and being almost immobilized by the meeting of eyes, while life goes busily on around you. (Naturally, I would be 6 feet tall with jet black hair with emerald green eyes and a figure like Wonder Woman…)I actually have a friend that this has happened to twice! The first time, she married him but alas, there was no happy ending…ay ay ay, it must feel incredible to be so deeply and immediately affected by a complete stranger, so that you end up doing something completely out of character – like Madeline did in my story…
So tell me your fantasy set-up(minus the gory details) and win a book!

And here is a taste:

Excerpt: Billionaire’s Favourite Fantasy.

Now she stood at the door of the cabin, trying not to think about movies she’d seen where the prostitute arrives at a hotel room and knocks on the door. Madeline took a deep breath, opened the door and walked in.
Like last time, colored candles in little glasses sat winking on many surfaces. A cheery fire crackled in the grate and the heavy velvet drapes were drawn. Fresh flowers on a table scented the air, and music played softly on the stereo.
Madeline set her overnight bag down softly on the floor. No sign of Lewis. Was he already in bed? Perhaps drawing a bath?
Turning, she locked the door then started for the bedroom, just as he appeared at the door.
Madeline stopped, barely breathing. Lewis stopped too and leaned against the doorjamb, looking as relaxed as she was tense. His eyes washed over her slowly, glinting in the dim candlelight. His hair was slightly damp and swept up over his forehead. The slight cleft in his square chin was accentuated by being clean-shaven, the first time she’d seen him completely clean-shaven. Like their last night together, he wore jeans and a black t-shirt, and no shoes or socks.
He gave a small smile. “My first fantasy fulfilled,” he murmured, “You came.”
“Did you think I wouldn’t?”
“You’re no coward.” He pushed away from the wall. “Can I take your coat?”
She turned toward the fire, unbuttoning the long camel-colored woolen coat, and handed it to him.
Madeline nodded, thinking the bubbles could hold hands with the squillions of bubbles of nerves in her system right now.
Lewis put her coat away and poured two heavy flutes from a bottle in an ice bucket by the table, and came to stand beside her in front of the fire. He held out his glass and touched it gently to hers. “Did you bring a fantasy?”
The pitch of the crystal reverberated through her chest.
Madeline took her time glancing around the room. “It’s all here.”
Her breath hitched when he reached for her free hand and laced their fingers together. She remembered the little things he did that first night to make her feel liked, respected, a little calmer. Like now, as he kissed the tips of her fingers.
“Would you care to eat in the restaurant tonight?”
She shook her head. They could do room service if necessary, like last time. Now that she’d made the decision, she didn’t want to waste a minute on other people, and staying in lessened the chances of anyone she knew seeing them.
Lewis squeezed her hand. “Nervous?”
She inclined her head. “Maybe a little.”
“More than last time?”
Madeline nodded again. Now he was her boss and she would have to see him again, maybe on a regular basis. He could make or break her career with one word or sly insinuation. But as she searched his eyes, soaked up the reassurance she saw there, her world became aligned on an axis of peace. It was right to be here.
“What’s your fantasy?” she asked breathlessly.
His eyes slid to her lips and he bent his head and closed the distance between them. “I have a few,” he whispered, and brushed her mouth with his. “But they all start the same way.”
His tongue traced the seam of her lips, coaxing her to open for him and she closed her eyes. Other than his mouth and his hand holding hers, he didn’t touch her. All her focus centered on the silky slide of his lips, the practiced stroke of his tongue, his breath melting into her mouth. So different from the greedy assault in the elevator. All feeling, patient, a leisurely entrĂ©e to entice and prepare her for more substantial fare.
A minute later, without thinking, she stretched out her hand to set her glass down somewhere, anywhere, so that she could touch him. Lewis pulled back, took her glass and put both of them on the mantel.
Madeline pressed both hands flat on to his chest but he circled her wrists and held them away.
“You can’t touch,” he whispered and bent his head toward her again.
“But I want to…” She gazed hungrily at the tight t-shirt that molded to smooth muscle, his biceps bulging with tight smooth skin. She wanted to touch very much, to feel all that tanned smooth skin under her fingers.
Lewis smiled lazily. “My first fantasy involves me sitting over there,” he jutted his chin toward a chair placed well back in the shadows, “and you right here, taking your clothes off, one piece at a time.
Madeline laughed shakily. “Really? That’s it? A peep show?”
His teeth flashed in the dimly-lit room. “Oh, that’s just the start of it.”
He waited while she assimilated that, stroking her cheek with his thumb. Madeline captured the tip of his thumb in her mouth, swirling her tongue over it before releasing it, and watched his eyes darken with desire. “Will you be giving instructions?”
“Most definitely,” he said, the hoarse tone of his voice turning her knees to water. Then he walked away to his chair and when he sat, she couldn’t make out his features at all, only his knuckles resting on his knees.
Nervous laughter bubbled dangerously close to the surface. Could she do this, be the woman he thought she was? If Madeline had been told a week ago that she would meet a sexy stranger while on holiday and spend the night making love to him, she might just believe it. But if anyone said she would knowingly go to a secluded cabin with the express purpose of having sex with her boss, and end up doing a striptease for his gratification, she would have laughed until she cried.
She took a long draught of champagne, pleased about the blow-out on the lingerie. The music he’d chosen was slow and seductive and although she didn’t recognize the group, she liked the sound and stood for a minute, learning the beat. Think of it as a test, she counseled, but her hand still trembled as she put down her glass. Then she turned to her faceless stranger, put a hand to her blouse and pushed the first tiny mother of pearl button through the hole.”


Jane Beckenham said...

Such a great read Jan, and very sexy. Is it set in NZ?
Jane Beckenham

Robyn Grady said...

Holy flying catfish! Jan, baby, you do those scenes so well! I won't go in for the draw coz I got my very own copy here.

My fantasy at the moment involves the laundry pile vanishing and Sponge Bob being banned from the house forever! lol
As far as romantic fantasies are concerned...isn't that just the best reason to be a romance writer. You get to dream up new ones every few months!
Thanks for chat, Nat! Looking forward to your latest, Jan!


jan colley said...


jan colley said...

ooh! It worked, finally! I am such a dunce!

Hiya Jane, nice to 'see' you here. The book was set in Queenstown. I was lucky enough to snatch a few days there after the conference last year. Beautiful place - the Alpine Fantasy Lodge is fictional, though. Shame...
I won't be at this year's conference but do have some fun for me!

jan colley said...

Gidday Robbie! Looking lovely and mysterious as usual...I see you must be on the shelves this month too! Your The Australian Millionaire's Love-Child for Presents is rubbing shoulders with Nat and I. Three is such a nice number for a shelf (Jan licks lips as she envisages shelf arranging for three - oh, better not forget Maxine - and Yvonne too, I believe.) Almost as much fun as dreaming up the perfect romantic meeting...Enjoy yourself in Melbourne, and don't worry about the laundry pile, it'll still be there when you get back.

Aideen said...

They don't call them Desire for nothing! Feeling hot, hot, hot round about now. (And considering the climate in Ireland, that's some accomplishment!).
Book sounds wonderful, great set up and intriguing characters.
I've always had this fanasy of arriving to a huge, fabulously decorated Vienna ballroom with nobody escorting me. But when I get there my eyes are drawn across the room to one man. He stands alone, his focus on me so intent that I can hardly breathe. The orchestra begin and as The Blue Danube commences he crosses over to where I stand, takes my hand and pulls me tight against his body. We never say a word, we never break eye contact, we just dance. And as the music builds so too does the tension. Everything and everyone else in the room ceases to exist and suddenly...
No gory details right? So I best stop right there.

Brill post,

jan colley said...

Oh. My. God. I have shivers up my spine, Aideen. Because...and I'll tell you why...the book I am currently writing will be set in London and - Vienna!! I am sending my H&h to the Kaiserball, the opening ball of the Vienna Ball Season on New Year's Eve. The reason for this is I had an idea for a Great Gatsby type story which didn't fly with the editor but the damn Strauss music would not leave my mind. I heard it every night when I went to bed and every morning when I got up. Sadly my ed wants me to make more of Christmas than New Year - chrissy books sell well - but I'm determined to get that darn ball in somewhere!! I'm reading heaps on the net about the balls and it sounds oh so glam and so fun! Have you been? Would you mind very much just popping over for a squizz and telling me all about it?? Die Fledermous is going through my brain as I write this, love love love it!!! Do keep in touch!

Avi J said...

Hi Jan, what a question. My fantasy would involve, a huge bank account to travel all over the world to experience different cuisines and the many beautiful scenic attraction. Places like Italy, Paris, Greece, Mexico, New Zealand, England ........ Its just to many to name.

jan colley said...

Avi J, I'm thrilled to have you here - oh, and hello!! I just emailed Paula to see if it would be okay to mention this blog on the new Desirabelles blog, especially because you and LJ were posting there and I knew you guys were big fans of Nat's. She'll be rapt you came by.
As for food fantasies - have you tried Hungarian? Was that on your curriculum? It's been awhile but that was a great place for food. Their patisseries very much resembled France, and the goulasch...mmmm.
Will a special someone be sampling the menus with you?????

Avi J said...

Jan as you mentioned that, I think my fantasy man would be New Zealand Crickter, Daniel Vettori, he is hottttt (lol)

jan colley said...

oh yeah, AviJ, he's cute, tho being an avid rugby groupie, I'd probably tip that other Daniel - Daniel Carter - as just edging the eminent cricketer out of the Gold Medal. Put it this way - I wouldn't kick either of them out of the ballroom!

LJ said...

Hey Jan, I think you and Avi have it wrong with your ideas of a fantasy man (lol). Hugh Jackman, I think tops the list. My fantasy would involve adventure and romance. Start the day with Sky diving, bungee jumping and rock climing, a good adrenelin rush, and ending the day with a candle light dinner and dancing


Aideen said...

Hi again,
And Oh My God is right! That is only a litte freaky and whole lot fabulous. I've always wanted someone to write the perfect ballroom scene and it looks like you're the woman to do it. And how fitting that Die Fledermaus is playing, seeing as how it premiered in Vienna. I love that piece too, it's so dramatic that you can't help but get sucked right in.
Yes, I've been to Vienna but alas it was as a 16 year old girl so the opportunity to be whisked off to a grand ballroom never presented itself. I do remember thinking that if ever a fairytale city existed, this was it. The ambience alone made me feel special. The architecture, the cultural side streets and palaces are enough to take your breath. Standing amidst some of the world's most beautiful castles is truly just out of this world. Of course the food helped confirm my decision to love this city. I overdosed on strudel and I'd go back tomorrow morning for the hot chocolate. It's to die for, decadent and delicious, all those kinda 'd' words. The chocolate is so rich and the generous topping of thick, fluffy whipped cream...drooling on my keyboard!!
I can see your dilemna with Kaiserball as New Year's Eve really does make the most sense. But you're a writer and I'm sure you'll work your way around this small glitch. You must do because I can't wait to finally read of the H&h who make it to the grandest ballroom of them all to dance the night away surrounded by the flowers the Hofburg is world renowned for.

All the best,

Aideen said...

Oh, can I just mention here that my solitary man dressed to the nines in a killer tux looks scarily like Gerard Butler?
In fact I think it may actually be the man himself...

Natalie Anderson said...

Its a fantabulous excerpt isn't it??!!!!
I have to admit I kinda go for the 'some enchanted evening' fantasy as well.... the stranger across the room.... ballroom would be goood...

Oh my Lakshmi - ADVENTURE and romance??!! Wow - I'd have had a heart attack at the bungy bridge - waaaaaay too much of a wuss...

And can I just say that while Daniel and Dan are cute, I'm a Ritchie McCaw girl all the way ;)

Hugh is in a class of his own....

Donna Alward said...

I'm chiming in and probably going to embarrass myself horribly. Seeing as the dh and I have been together 17 years this week and all.

But there is a certain fantasy that involved me in London, a dropped box of books, a booksigning and following days in a countryside cottage with a certain celebrity. I know. SO high school...

FWIW this all took place BEFORE I was published. I believed in positive thinking. At least I got the booksigning, if not the rest! LOL

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Oh, Donna, do tell more! Avid minds are waiting...

Jan, I absolutely adore your Billionaire's Favourite Fantasy. You're an amazing writer.

And, Nat? I'm finally allowed to read your book Bought: One Night, One Marriage. I finished my book last night (yay! although there is a huge amount of editing to do before I send it) so you're my reward!

jan colley said...

Hi LJ!!! Thanks so much for dropping by, how's the weather in Trinidad?
Hugh J mmm, verrrry nice. So you're into adventure romance? I guess Madeline must be in Fave Fantasy too. Lets see, there was skiing, harness bungy, abseiling, caving - and then candlelight but no dinner or dancing - unless you count the horizontal kind!
I so miss the Diamonds blog, we made some great and lifelong friends there.

jan colley said...

Jeez, talk about pressure, Aideen! Now I'm going to fixate on writing the perfect ball scene. Pity they don't meet for the first time there in line with your fantasy, maybe I might tinker...a ball features in Friday Night Mistress (my March 09 release - hopefully) I think I used the Emperor's Waltz or maybe Wine Women and Song...I backpacked to Vienna in mid-80's so there will be a bit of poetic license in this story (isn't the net great?) I remember cobbled streets, horse-drawn carriages, clean efficient subway, sausage stands, picnicking on the grounds of the Hofburg. The big regret I have is I could not afford to go see the dancing horses.
Mmm Gerard Butler - noice! I've never been a huge Pitt fan but must say a little facial fuzz enhances him. Just saw the baby photos and I think Angelina must be far and away the most beautiful woman in the world - and the babes have got her lips!!

jan colley said...

Hi Donna, how exciting to have you join us! I'm not sure if we can let you away with hiding the identity of the 'certain celebrity' - unless it's a true fantasy of course. We wouldn't want to compromise you, would we, girls?
Nup, spill...
Great fantasy anyway. And happy anniversary for this week, hope you do something special.

Nat, Ritchie IS rather special, isn't he?

jan colley said...

Hi Yvonne, congrats on finishing your book! My word, you're a busy girl with edits and deadlines and online reads...I hope you and G can manage a few days' break after Melbourne! Good luck with the workshop, btw. and yay! on Claiming His Runaway Bride being out this month (in the States), I'm prowling the streets, waiting...

Sandra said...

Loved the excerpt Jan. Obviously it's time I got myself to a bookshop and cleaned out the shelves. Happily, a recent birthday has left me with a lovely voucher in my wallet.


Natalie Anderson said...

Cone ON Donna - you can't leave us hanging like that? Which celeb???!!!

HUGE congrats on finishing the book Yvonne!!!! You are so much more disciplined than me - my book is due at the end of the month - it still isn't finished - and yet I devoured Claiming His Runaway Bride the day it arrived in the post. Read it that night and loved it so much I read it again the next!!!! Then I made myself put it out of sight so I woudn't reach for it and reread fave scenes instead of typing...
I hope you enjoy Bought: One Night, One Marriage :)

Natalie Anderson said...

Jan - Ritchie is is VERY special ;)
I agree with you about angelina - interesting person too (or seems to be from the trashymags i read LOL)

Sandra - SAVE your pennies! Share a fantasy with us and you could WIN a copy!!!

LJ said...

Jan, you bad girl, such thoughts .......(LOL). The weather is damp since we are into the rainy season, also that means to watch out for storms and hurricanes. We had a few storms last month. I miss the ddu blog also, good thing we can still catch up on the desireables blog.
Natalie I was a wuss till I tried a 100 ft roller coster after that anything is a breeze. Yvonne so great we have another book of yours to look forward to. Jan how soon can we expect your book to be released ?

jan colley said...

LJ (a 100ft rollercoaster - are you crazy???) my next release is called Friday Night Mistress and is scheduled for Mar 09. the Vienna ball one (if they let me keep the ball) is loosely scheduled for Nov, which seems a long time for a connected book (the heroes are brothers) but heck, I'm halfway through writing it and don't even know yet if the revised synopsis they asked for has been accepted. There are major changes going on at Desire with MJ, the Senior Editor leaving soon so guess I'll just plod on till advised otherwise. So at this stage, poor Aideen will have to wait till November 09 for her (hopefully) perfect ball scene.

jan colley said...

Sandra, hi! Happy Birthday! And yes, share your fantasy with us and you can use your voucher another day. I love vouchers. Funny how everyone who gives them to you apologises, and yet, why not have something you REALLY want?

Donna Alward said...

Nat will guess if I tell her....

Towel Shot.


I must be what, fourteen again? *blushes* Of course I don't have much time for those things these days...I use my imagination for putting fantasies on paper. Currently the Christmas one I'm writing isn't at the fantastic or fantasy stage. Dammit. :-)

Yvonne...you are flying high, chick! And Robbie's here too...gosh it feels like a subcare reunion!

*waves at Aideen*!

FWIW - I love roller coasters!

Natalie Anderson said...

You would NEVER get me on a 100ft rollercoaster. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER. And one more NEVER. I am waaaaaaaaaay to scared of heights ;)

Towel shot huh Donna??!!!! I KNOW theone. And yes, well, very, VERY fine body. Kinda got to agree there mmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Donna Alward said...

I knew you'd get it.

Of course if your readers wanted to scroll through some of your old blog posts, they'd get it to. LOL.

Hugs babes! (Oh and I too am afraid of heights, but oddly enough not of roller coasters)

Donna Alward said...

It must be early. I mean they'd get it TOO.

Natalie Anderson said...

hee hee Donna - you were fumble fingers cos you had the mental image in your mind - and I SO don't blame you ;)