Saturday, 26 July 2008

We are at the mercy


4/6 of the household and number 5 has a tickly throat tonight.

Good thing I have that Thomas Crown clip to watch over and over ;) Actually I tried to rent it on DVD tonight but the store didn't have it... ah well, early to bed is better, right?


Aideen said...


You poor thing, sounds like you're running your own little infirmary over there. I'd send some chicken soup but I imagine it wouldn't taste (or smell) great by the time you'd receive it.
If you can't have The Thomas Crown Affair, might I make the suggestion of snuggling down with the delectable Simon Baker in 'Something New'? Because it really is what it claims to be, its a fab new twist on a wonderfully sexy love story. It might help take your mind off things for a little while. Terrific movie.

Wishing speedy recoveries,

Donna Alward said...

Simon Baker?


Aideen said...

Oh yes, MMmmmmmmmM indeed!
He is delicious and never does get the attention he deserves. This film, if you haven't already seen it Donna is a definite 'must see'.
I love arms, I have a thing for them. And this man does arms like no other. I bet if you watch it, you buy it. I know I did, a worthy keeper.


Nicola Marsh said...

I love Simon Baker!!!
Can you believe I never really noticed him in OZ, then he went to the US and bam! My eyes were opened :)

Hope the household recovers quickly, Nat.
Are you the last one standing?
That's what happens here...then when I go down, not good!

Aideen said...

I have to chime in here Nicola and recommend the film to you too if you haven't already seen it. Because if ever there was a 'Modern Heat' movie, 'Something New' is it.
Seriously, should I be getting paid or something by this film company? All this promoting...


Natalie Anderson said...

I have to admit I've not heard of Something New OR Simon Baker!!!! Arms huh??? I'll have to check it/him out at my hopeless DVD store because I'm SO on the prowl for MH movies... actually I'm off to Mamma Mia tonight - and while that isn't really MH, I'm hoping it will be a lot of fun.

Ta for the hugs on the sickness - yep, I'm well over the whole relentless onslaught - and we still have a month of winter to go! Yep Nic, I'm always the last standing! Haven't avoided them all so far and touchwood it stays that way - someone has to wipe the noses, right? ;)