Thursday, 31 July 2008

Those Weepie Movies!!!

So its the last day to enter the competition - and the last day to vote on the weepiest lovestory movie in the poll too (and it looks like it IS Love Story that'll take it out!)
Come back tomorrow to find out who wins the draw.
But meantime, here are just a few other movies you mentioned and why:

'Love Story', starring Ryan O'neal and Ali MacGraw. This was when I was about twelve or thirteen. cried and cried when Ali's character died in the end. And the music.... OMG, the music in itself is enough to cry over! LOL! BTW, when I grew older, I read the original book (for which the movie was made) by Erich Segal, and found it almost as much of a tearjerker - minus the music, of course. Also, I shed some tears over 'Titanic'. Dumb, I know, but how could anyone not cry over seeing Leonardo DeCaprio frozen solid while Kate Winslet kept calling out his name pitifully?
- Amanda

The Bridges of Madison County. First the book then the movie. The emotion in Streep's eyes when she is gripping that door handle. Wow. Deep Impact. When that meteor is coming and Tea Leoni is holding on to her dad and she says "daddy". I sob. A Walk to Remember. So inspiring but sad. When he first finds out that she is dying and he goes to his dad. Again, I sob. Pride and Prejudice, the new one with Kiera Knightley. In so many places. I love it so much I cry happy tears.

one of my all time sob movies was "hillary and jacqui" - the one about jacqueline du pre and her sister
- Sarah G

Wanna know what movie made me want to bawl but I couldn't because I saw it with my 4 year old? Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. No joke. You should get it for the explains death in the most beautiful way. I was just weepy because I saw it right after last year's two funerals in a week. Ugh.
- Jenna

Imation of Life. This movie was about a black widow who has a light skin daughter, and the mother goes to work for a white struggling actress, with a white daughter. The what made me cry was how the Black widow's daughter, who could pass for a white person kept denying who she was and was ashamed of her mother. The part that was very sad was coming down to the end where the Black widow's daughter got to work as a showgirl and when she went to see her she denied her mother ans said that she was her nanny, and the mother loved her so much she went along with what her daughter said. In the end her mother died and she was remorseful but it was to late for apologies.
- Avian

Before I forget, the movie that made me cry most was 'Once were Warriors' -i remember crying all the way in the car on the way home from the cinema.
- Emma

I recently sat through You’ve Got Mail again. One of my all-time favourites. There is that part where Tom Hanks visits Meg Ryan when she has a cold and she is spouting off and he gently puts his hand to her mouth to stop her saying anything else that she will regret and you can just tell… that is the moment they both realize there is a connection, it really got to me in that sitting, it is beautifully done in the film, you can FEEL it! And then there is the happy ending (it is a Tom/Meg movie after all). Then there is Sleepless in Seattle (you cry all the way through that one); French Kiss; Sabrina and Shirley Valentine. Then I cried my eyes out at Fahrenheit 911 but that was a completely different reason
- Sarah O

the first is Ghost - with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. What mad me cry was the part when when he was killed also when he communicates with her in the end just before he has to go to his resting place. I actually cried throughout most of this movie. The next is Gone with the wind - this one was truly a classic, what made me cry was when the daughter fell from the horse and died, the part when Scarlett fell from the stairs and the ending when she loses him but still has hope. This is really a sad romance. Then Pearl Harbor, more recent, but still a old movie. The part what made me cry was how Rafe (Ben affleck) plane went down and when he came back and found how things changed, and the ending when Danny (Josh Hartnett) was dying and learns he is to become a father but tell his friend he is to be the father and the final scene with Rafe and the little boy. The whole war scene was also made me teary eye.
- Lakshimi

The Movie that made me cry the most was "The Notebook" starring James Garner you may have seen it , its about a man and his wife ,the wife has alzimers and is in a home and cant remember him but he comes to read to her every day because he stays there to , the book is about them and how they started going out with each other , its truely a lovely story , in the end ...... oh i wont tell you that you'll have to wathch and see lol
- Karen

There were LOADS of entries and many fab movies listed - thank so much for joining in the fun! I have a zillion movies in my to-be-watched list now!

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