Tuesday, 27 May 2008

YOUR Perfect Pretend Boyfriends part 1...

"I have thought about this alot and i considered the following: David who could slay giants for me, Alexander the Great who coud conquer countries for me, Shakespeare who could write me a sonnet, Michaelangelo who could paint my portrait, Frank Lloyd Wright who could build me a beautiful house, Frank Sinatra who could sing me a wonderful song, Neil Armstrong who could walk on the moon for me ....... but with those guys I would not have the adventerous times or fun or sexy encounters with as I would with the one guy that I would love to be his girlfriend... Bond...... James Bond ....... Wow"

Ah yes Joy, but which one???!!!

Rachel has her answer:
"It's got to be Daniel Craig for me. Why? Because there's something about him that turns me to jelly within seconds. I think it's all those angles he has about him, shoulders, cheekbones, chest..(Pauses for a quick shudder). Nothing girly about Mr Craig. He also swears magnificently."

The photo says it all, doesn't it?


Donna Alward said...

I used to think Pierce was the perfect Bond. He was so smooth. But a lot of women like "a bit of rough". Daniel Craig is great. Another definite contender with that rough edge would have been Clive Owen...who also swears magnificently.

Am loving the drool fest over here Nat.

Love Donna on the lap top on the floor gggg

Natalie Anderson said...

Oh I know Donna - I used to think Pierce as well... but now, after Daniel, I'm thinking he's a bit weedy...