Friday, 30 May 2008

The last Perfect Pretend Boyfriend Contenders...

"I would pick John Kennedy because he always fascinated me not because of his money but because he was such a brave person and had a brilliant mind."

"My perfect boyfriend would be Ryan Gosling from the movie The Notebook. He is cute and has a great smile. My favorite scene from the movie was when the couple kissed on the dock by the water in the rain!"

"Ian Wright (Lonely Planet, Pilot Guides, Globe Treckker). I think he might be fun to be around and to travel with, as he is not just into laying on the beach."

"I would pick Alex O'Laughlin who played Mick St.John on Moonlight. He is so hot and I love his eyes. He is so sweet and strong, he would be a great boyfriend for real or pretend."

"Ewan McGregor hands down. Cheeky and not-overly coiffed!!!"

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to find out the winner of the draw!!!

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