Tuesday, 20 May 2008

I told you it was getting INTERESTING!!!

I've realised I've forgotten to give you the reasons why you're selecting these guys as the ultimate 'pretend boyfriends' - so just to recap:

George was picked because "I can't seem to stop drooling everytime I see him. Especially, as his character in ER."

And Hugh because "I've had a serious "thing" for him since he was Wolverine in the X-Men movies and loved him in Oklahoma. He is easy on the eyes, can sing and who doesn't love an Aussie accent. :)"

And today's hottie?!

"If I had to pretend to be the girlfriend of any guy ever it would be Bill Gates...let's face it I could pick a good looking guy, or one with all the wonderful qualities of greatness, or an inventor or someone who has done great things for others from many many men but for me as long as I'm pretending I'm going for the one with the most money! I could learn to like him."

OKAY!!! Bill it is... actually I can sort of understand this (aside from the money thing) - I find smart guys attractive - yep, bit of a geek lover me (in fact I'm having to work really hard to ensure the hero in my new WIP isn't too much of a geek) and hey, Bill's a philanthropist too - he's not just hanging on to all that money - at least he's decent enough to give tons of it away...

...but ah.. you know... he doesn't quite have the face and bod to be on the cover of a Presents does he??!! ;)

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