Thursday, 7 February 2008

A New Review...

.. and what a nice one! This is some of what Julie at Cataromance has to say about Mistress Under Contract:

Natalie Anderson is one of the most exciting voices in steamy romantic fiction writing today. Sassy, witty and emotional, her Modern Heats are in a class of their own, and her latest novel, Mistress Under Contract, is a terrific tale about two polar opposites, who realize that they’ve got a lot more in
common than they originally thought!
Make sure you switch the air conditioner on when you read Mistress under Contract because the chemistry between Daniel and Lucy is intensely passionate, their sexual tension explosive and their love scenes burning! Mistress Under Contract is a fabulous contemporary romantic tale written by an extraordinary new talent who can blend passion, drama, humour and emotion in one unforgettable read!

Read the whole review here!

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