Friday, 1 February 2008

Modern Heat Authors Valentine's Day TREASURE HUNT..

Begins HERE!!!

OK, read my 'lil excerpt, write down the answer to the easy peasy question and then head on to the next author's blog (see who at the bottom of this post) to collect the next answer. At the end of the month send the answers in and you can win a LOAD of fab books!!!

I'm giving away a copy of my third release "Mistress Under Contract" - set in Wellington NZ and featuring two sizzling, stroppy characters called Daniel & Lucy...


You always pre-plan your activities
You find putting things in order satisfying
You think that rational analysis is the best approach in all situations
You constantly monitor progress
It's essential for you to try things with your own hands
Objective feedback is always helpful
You enjoy an active and fast-paced environment
You have good control over your desires and temptations
You find it difficult to switch off from your job
You believe justice is more important than mercy
You enjoy the challenge of competition
You rely on reason rather than intuition
You make your decisions spontaneously
You like to have the last word
Intense emotions strongly influence you
You find it difficult to talk about your feelings

Lucy stared at the list of statements and wondered what it would say about her if she answered ‘yes’ to all of them. Maybe she should alternate yes and no. Or maybe she should do some pretty mathematical pattern. Good grief. She was applying to be a hospitality temp. Why did she have to do a damn personality type test? Like there weren’t enough forms to fill in? All the health and safety caveats, background checks, proof of qualifications... You’d think she was applying for a job with MI5. Not some tin pot agency that supplied catering staff at short notice.
It was money she was short of. Damn short. And this was her third agency of the day. She’d have gotten through more if there weren’t so many bloody forms to fill in. Now it was 4:30 and she’d be pushed to get all the paperwork done in time to complete an interview before closing.
She fidgeted with the clipboard and pen and the receptionist gave her a sharp glance. Lucy offered her a conspiratory smile but froze it as she hit the woman’s frigid response. “I know the forms take a while to fill in. I’ll be doing some filing out back. Ring the bell when you’re done and one of the consultants will come to interview you.” No smile, instead a look of condescension fluttered across the dragon’s features as she walked out of the room.
Lucy nodded and quelled the urge to poke her tongue out after her. She looked back at the list and decided to try to get herself identified as a Type A personality –those aggressively ambitious, achieving, arrogant and frankly anal people who ran their lives according to deadline and tangible barometers of success. Lucy lived in a category of her own - Type F – for fun, flippancy, frivolity and freedom - not to mention occasional foolishness. She hummed softly as she started ticking various yes and no boxes, her smile returning full force as she worked through. It was so much fun pretending.
She heard a soft cough and looked up to see Mr Type A incarnate standing in front of her. She hadn’t heard the door. Tall, dark suit, white shirt. Neatly trimmed brown hair. Cold eyes, staring at her, frown firmly fixed on the crisp cut angles of his face.
Shame. Looks like that shouldn’t be marred by bad temper. Her hackles rose. And it wasn’t just because of the golden eyes sending her that dagger-like look. His aura stamped his impression on his surroundings and on her – height and breadth of a champion. This was a man who knew what he wanted and was used to getting it. He had the unmistakable air of ‘Authority’.
The bane of Lucy’s life.

OK, so my question is:

What is the bane of Lucy's life?

Got it? Easy huh? Now, head on over to Kate Hardy in the next day or so - she has TWO fab books to give you and lemme tellya, she writes the most gorgeous of heroes.

At the end of the month, send your answers to: and fingers crossed all those books will be headed your way! :)

You can see which author is up next by going to Sensational Romance and getting the list from there - happy hunting!


Anonymous said...

Loved your excerpt Nat!

Kelly Hunter

Ally Blake said...

Sizzling stroppy characters, eh? Love the sound of that!

Well, I'm lucky enough to be reading your second book right now and so far it's great fun. Oh to be able to write book where the hero and heroine kiss so fast! Or should I say "so soon".

Good luck to all the Treasure Hunters!!!


Natalie Anderson said...

Hi Kelly and Ally! Good to see you here - LOL about so soon Ally - just wait until 'Pleasured by the Scret Millionaire' - things sure happened FAST there! ;)