Thursday, 24 January 2008

Is it Thursday already?


I just don't know where this week has gone. So, things are on the up - I'm back into the WIP - I find the 20-35k stage SO hard but am clawing my way through it...word by word....
I came up with two ideas that had been percolating for a while and fleshed them a little and then woke at 5 this morning with a 'visitation' - 2 fully formed (well, sorta) characters having this big conversation (that turned into a bit of a row). So I spent the next hour listening and watching and hitting the rewind button a few times. Spent the rest of the day shattered with bits on autoplay... but wow, how cool is that?! I love it how these people just arrive in my head every now and then for me to get to know and write about...
(Or am I just officially nuts??!!!)


Aideen said...

Hi Natalie,

This is Aideen from south of Ireland back again. I'm picturing you watching the characters as they work their way around your brain and it's actually quite inspiring. I'm learning so much since I discovered Iheart presents, and your blog especially that my characters just pop up in all sorts of weird places during the day. driving to the school, making the beds, eating my dinner. I look around and they're there. Its fantastic, I'm getting to know them and as a result, the blank pages are slowly but surely being filled.

All Night With The Boss?
Oh for God's sake, WOW....
I considered leaving my husband...

All the best,

Sandie Hudson said...

Hi Natalie

It is always good for an aspiring writing to know that we are not the only ones that have people popping into their heads.
My biggest problems is heros wanting sex when I'm not ready for them to go there just yet. Put what can you do? Sigh.
Good luck with the writing


Natalie Anderson said...

Hi Aideen - great to hear from you again!! good for you with getting on with your writing - that is so fantastic - there's lot of wonderful stuff to be learned on the net eh - I (Heart) Presents has some fab tips etc - are you going to enter the competition???

Natalie Anderson said...

Hi Sandi!!! You have me chuckling about your heroes - its what they always want right? Even when they don't want to, they still want to and get mad with themselves for still wanting... LOL
Good fun tho eh?! ;)