Thursday, 13 December 2007

Christmas Craziness...

... where have the last couple of weeks gone? Anyone?? Anyone??!!!
It's manic isn't it?? We're going on holiday for three weeks up in the North Island and let me tell you, there is a LOT to organise for the six of us!!!! (The housesitter, the shopping, the ducks, the shopping, the packing, the squeezing of everything - not least the 6 of us - into the one car, the shopping, the packing, the shopping, the packing... etc etc).
And I am having serious problems with our postal service - two days until departure and PRESENTS - as in Xmas presents for small people - have yet to arrive!!! Deep breath now Nat - in and out, nice and slow.
And this is stuff I ordered WEEKS ago. There was me thinking mail ordering was supposed to make life easier and less stressful!
On the plus side, I now have the juice I need to crack on with the new book - YIPEEEEEEEEEE - can't tell you how happy I am to have snippets of saucy talk whizzing round in my head... these two characters are going to be a LOT of fun... she's a stroppy minx who's happy to give some backchat... hooray!

Meanwhile, keep those competition entries coming in won't you? It's a GREAT prize!!! It's just what you need, a fabulous January read... or five!!!


Kate Hewitt said...

I commiserate with you, Natalie--I ordered presents online and they have yet to arrive. I haven't even received an email saying they've been shipped and we leave for vacation on Thursday 21/12. Oh, well... cancel Christmas!

Glad you're onto the next thing--that's always an exciting bit. I'm halfway through my wip due Feb 1.

Donna Alward said...

I know - our big prezzie was ordered on November 25 and still hasn't shipped.

Back to the deadline cave for me.