Tuesday, 27 November 2007


- thats Post Traumatic Submission Disorder... has hit. Otherwise known as fried brain and oh boy that tired feeling.... and I SHOULD be doing all those chores right - like filing receipts etc etc... or some Christmas shopping?

Instead I've been flirting with some new characters... stories seem to come to me in pairs. These two are completely unrelated and totally different but they're both there playing peek-a-boo with me - offering tantalising glimpses of history and future... and its much more fun than filing receipts of course..

I admit it. I'm a junkie - just not happy if I don't have my imaginary friends to play with!


Donna Alward said...


It's a weird phenomenon. You hit that SEND button and suddenly wilt and don't want to do ANYTHING. Thank goodness it doesn't usually last very long.

Kate Hewitt said...

I'm totally that way. I have all these great plans to get right on the next thing but it usually takes me a week or two at the least.


Natalie Anderson said...

It's crazy isn't it? And then there's this HUGE part of me that just wants to race on and get the next one going!!! I HATE not having one to think about!!!
I am contenting myself with working up proposals on these 2 ideas while I get the green light for the next one.... patience... grant me patience....

Mel said...

My mother always said patience is a virtue. I think she was just lying to me.

Anyway, congrats on getting that baby out of the door. And hopefully you won't have PTSD for long.