Friday, 2 November 2007

Bedded By Arrangement - Reviews!!!

Bedded By Arrangement is on the shelves in the UK!!! And you can also buy it from Mills & Boon direct...

And here's some of what Cataromance has to say about it:

Natalie Anderson’s second feel-good romance for Modern Extra is a thoroughly enjoyable tale sprinkled with plenty of passion, humor and emotion which will enchant readers looking for a steamy read to warm them up on a cold autumn night!
Sexy, sassy and flirty, Bedded by Arrangement is a fabulous romance written by one of Mills and Boon’s brightest new stars!

Click here to read the whole review!

Meanwhile, over at the PHS...

Natalie Anderson is one of the hottest new voices in romance and she is back with another scintillating romance blazing with plenty of intensity and heat – Bedded by Arrangement!
Fans of sexy romances will devour in a single sitting this engaging and engrossing romantic page turner! Written with plenty of flair and style, Bedded by Arrangement is steamy, sophisticated and so absorbing, you won't be able to put it down!

Click for the whole review here!

So the week has been full on and busy and writing has had to take a back seat... but this weekend? Watch out! My fingers will be burning up that keyboard!!!


Anonymous said...

hottest new voice and brightest new star! doesn't get much better than that nats. well done you


Anonymous said...

A compelling read.

A nice mixture of nurture and sizzle

Natalie Anderson said...

Anonymous - thanks so much for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the book!

Best wishes for the festive season!