Sunday, 21 October 2007

I'm no cissie...

Writing is all about... PERSERVERENCE

Through the hard times, the thick, the thin. The downright crappy.
- guess where I'm at at the moment.

Everyone (except me) has a tummy bug. On a long weekend when we'd hoped to have some nice family time and I'd hoped to do a spot of catch-up on my wordcount.

Never mind.

I'm at that point in the WIP where all the horrible stuff is starting to happen. Its the last third of the book and its always a slog through here. Hard to write. Even harder to fix. And utterly exhausting. Its the time where I just have to make myself sit there day in, day out and type each word one after the other. In a week or two the rough draft will be done and this bit will be a vague memory but for now its just perservere, perservere, perservere.

I remember seeing on one author's website (I *think* it might have been Cherry Adair but I'm probably wrong) - "writing isn't for cissies".
- it sure isn't.
It's hard and its getting harder the more I do - because every book you want to be better, more funny, more emotional, more uplifting... more, more, more (what you do is never enough, you know?) and it is a huge effort and I think you need to be pretty tough.

Ugh. Ignore me. Having a 'not enough sleep' melodrmatic moment. Best get back upstairs and to the wip pronto!!!


Kerryn Angell said...

Good luck playing nurse and keeping up with that word count! Writing is hard, but we do it for the fun bits. :)

Donna Alward said...

Hugs, Nat. I know how you feel. It IS work. Damned hard work that doesn't stop no matter what happens in our lives.

I smiled to read your post only because I blogged something similar today.

Cole said...

What a perfect word - Perserverence -- I agree, you need this without a doubt!

Hope you all get to feeling better soon!