Wednesday, 5 September 2007

On the news tonight...

...well the current affairs show that screens straight after the news...
there'll be a segment on me and the writing with the kids thing. You can view it here:

It is streamed on the internet and then is archived so you can watch it anytime...
I haven't seen it but my husband tells me the short features a bit where the reporter is asking about the love scenes and I'm... blushing... and ... giggling.

Oh dear.


Rachel said...

ooh Natalie! Just watched you on 'the news', here in the UK, isn't the internet brilliant!
Especially liked the bit when you were being probed about how far you go with the 'sex', and a little voice piped up 'Mummy!'Timing or what?
Your little ones look adorable and I must say, considering all you have on your plate, the house looked incredibly tidy and organised (much better than mine!)
Good luck with the booksigning.
Best wishes,

Marcy said...

Fantastic, Natalie! All your hard work is paying off!!! And how nice to get all of this free promotion for your book. Yay!


Natalie Anderson said...

thanks so much guys - the internet is awesome isn't it?! Thanks so much for watching!!! :)