Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Happy Birthday 'lil Pink Dancing Guy

He's one year old already! And there's just so much fun to be had over there - go on, check it out. I have to admit I laughed over the H-I-A-T post from Anne McAllister on both PHS and her own blog. I wasn't at the RWNZ conference of 2004 (I started writing in 2005) but I do remember that article from that journalist from Christchurch (see Kate Walker's blog also for reference) (*cringe* - and yes, he's still here, and yes my hubby works at that paper and no, its not him!!!!! TG!!!!! Not all men in Christchurch are like that - honest!). Actually there was a fabulous letter to the editor (not written by me - I wish I had), setting him right on some things a few days later.

Anyway, I'm posting this early because I don't tend to get to the computer until later in the evening so this is for all the early birds to catch.

My pressie for the lil fella... fluffy dice to hang from the rear vision mirror of the Cadillac Julie gave you. (Or you can hang them on the pink landrover from Anna Lucia).
- 'cos we all know it's vital to accessorise and love is a game of chance after all!


Ally Blake said...

I want I want I want!!!


Emily Veinglory said...

It almost makes me wish I had a car ;)

Natalie Anderson said...

I know. They're pretty cool in such a *classy* way aren't they ;)