Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Bedded by Arrangement

... I got my copies of the UK version in the mail yesterday! (Big excited SQUEAL!!!)
I was going to take a piccie and put it up for you but hubby has had to go away unexpectedly and a s he's the only one who knows where the camera cord thingummy is... well... maybe in a couple of days. The cover isn't yet up on Amazon or M&B so I can't even nab the pic from there - but let me tellya, its cute. Very cute. Ok. He's very cute. (Cue another SQUEAL!!!)

And Jake is one hell of a cute guy. He's a lot of fun. And as for my Emma, its about time she had some fun!

Roll on November when its in the shops! Altho... I might have to have a competition for one of these brand new copies shortly so stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

oooh yes please! let me know about the competition!! - : ) Jo.P xx

Anonymous said...

Heeyyyyy! still haven't got hold of a copy, so in the public interest - where is All Night with the Boss in stock at the moment? - Kate R

Judy Jarvie said...