Friday, 3 August 2007

New beginnings!!!!

Well Rhys has run off to the other side of the world to hang out for a while and Brock is back in the building! I love the excitement of starting a new story - its all so fresh and fun and I have fragments of conversation flying at me - YAY!!!!!!

I'm also in the midst of trying to update my website - getting excerpts on and things like that - this sort of stuff is always on the bottom half of the list and I never get to it. At the VERY bottom of the list is the tax return... I have an extension - ya shoulda heard the tax dept woman on the phone, she was in hysterics as I tried to explain why it was I didn't have thirty seconds to think let alone fill in all her darn forms... the babies were in full chorus and the other two were requesting all sorts of stuff at the same time...

I'm sitting here with a beer and relaxing and trying to follow through on a few of those items on my list that have been sitting there for MONTHS but Im also sorely tempted to just go to bed.

Hmmmm, better finish the beer first! ;)

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