Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Kind of back together...

After the week from hell (not going to bore you with it), I'm back - only to be departing again in a couple of days for the RWNZ conference. Taking the twins with me of course and keeping them close at hand so we can have our cuddle fix (cos we need them!).
Poor old Brock is bursting to get out of my brain and onto paper but he's just going to have to wait until next monday when I'm planning to really get stuck in.

Hopefully we won't have anymore hiccups between now and then.

Am looking forward to conference and hoping to make it to as many workshops as I can (depending on the babies) - could do with some words of wisdom right about now and we have one heck of a guru speaking - Jennie Crusie - YAY!!!
*AND* I get to have dinner with her and all the other fabulous authors in attendance. I am terrified. I don't know any of them. What will I say? Do I have conversation other than baby-talk??!!

And most importantly, what on earth am I going to wear??!!



Donna Alward said...

Wear? Easy.

The one article of clothing in your closet that doesn't have baby puke on it...yet. ;-)

You're welcome. :-)

Donna of the revision head

Natalie Anderson said...

You know, sod's law has it that one of the babies will throw up on me just as I am about to walk out the door....