Saturday, 14 July 2007


I know. I'm very boring at the moment. This is because there is very little 'give' in my life at the moment and when I am not parenting I am writing and at the end of that I have very little left to spend on this blog - so apologies.
Its the last weekend of the holidays and term is back on Monday and so the 'big kids' are back at kindy which is great for them. She's in the am and he's in the pm so it means the time they have together they play like long lost friends - all happy and caring and sharing (if they're together 24/7 cracks start to appear!).
Meanwhile,I've done as much of the rough as I'm going to on Rhys - the last chapter is not really written but I am overcome with the urge to go back and FIX THE REST OF IT - then I can finish that last bit. The fixing takes me ages - I have this mass of words that needs shaping and tweaking and pushing and pulling and I would so love a few solid days on it but I have to do it in chunks in the evening - hard becuase this is the point where I really want to get lost deep inside the story and not emerge until I have it right (or as right as I can get it without editorial help). Anyway, I've had a couple of days away from it and done the proposal for the next one which I'll email to Mme Ed on Monday. That way she can (hopefully) green light it while I finish Rhys meaning when I send Rhys away I can get cracking on the next and keep my mind off the wait on Rhys. If that all makes perfect sense?
It does to me anyway.
The best news of the weekend is I won one of Donna's books! YAY!!! This is what I love about blogs- the opp to win, win, win!!!!
Jeez, can't wait for it to arrive - I havne't done much reading recently (damn time constraints again) and I'm so looking forward to getting stuck in. Might have to be my 'finsh-Rhys-reward'!!!!


Nicola Marsh said...

Nat, I hear you! Boy, do I hear you!
The parenting is tiring and exhilirating, as is the writing. But hey, we love it :)

Judy Jarvie said...

Kids - don't even talk to me about them. Yday is a day I don't wanna revisit!

Re misshapen book. It'll be fine. If you wanna send me, send me honey. I may as well use the 12 minute gap in my day (I wish I was joking) productively. Seriously tho you know I'll always read. For all the sense I make. jx P.S. You might not wanna half crazed new mum who can't think straight critting?!? It could be scary.

Natalie Anderson said...

Actually Jude it would prolly be fab - cos you don't have the time to pusyfoot around being gentle, you can only read and then hit me where it hurts! LOL.
I might flick you ch 1 after I've attacked it today. Dunno.
You 'should' be using your whole 12 mins to do some writing of your own babe!!!
But hell it can be hard eh?!

Anonymous said...

hey nats, well - the book finally arrive from amazon a week or so ago. but tim snaffled it up so i still haven't read it!

Donna Alward said...

Oh Nat, do I hear you. You completely made sense!

And good news...I'm heading to the post office today! I hope it doesn't take too long to get to you. :-)