Friday, 20 July 2007

La la la...

la la la...
Ho hum. the edit is going slowly. but the tortoise gets there in the end right?
No news to share but its been a good week.
It was our Nanny's birthday yesterday and so we had a party for her today - cue big cake, balloons and hilarious presents carefully selected from the $2 shop by the kids - wonderfully wrapped and topped with hand made cards which they laboured over for half the afternoon (ok, it took them about five minutes but it was a good effort)
(and don't worry she got a decent pressie from us too)

OMG - I can't BELIEVE I've only just thought of this (been in bookland) - its HARRY POTTER DAY tomorrow!!!! ANd yep, I'll be queuing and getting my copy as soon as I can. And then (get this) I'm going to read the last chapter. Then I'm handing it to hubby to read, and then nanny. While I FINISH THIS BOOK. Then I'll read the while thing from the start.
I know. I am bad. I always read the end first. I get too stressed if I don't know what happens when I read something. I tend to get really sucked into books and the characters are real, you know, they're real, they really do exist and so, finding out what happens is really, really important - this means I can't put the book down and actually live my life until I know - and some books take a while to read and there's dinner to cook, kids to attend to, husband to talk to...
so its easier to read the end first so if I have to put book down I can leave bookworld and cope because I know what happens.
Crazy but true.
Good thing I write romance eh? Cos I KNOW what happens at the end. The fun bit is the journey.
So no reading all of HP because I have to finish my own book as well. Then I'll feel REALLY happy. (Until I send it to Mme Ed then realise all the mistakes and lie awake at night worrying about what on earth she's making of it).
So anyway, hope other HP fans are excited. I AM looking forward to it so much (despite forgetting just then). Can I boast I once met JK Rowling at the Edinburgh Book Fest about 6/7 years ago. She was LOVELY.

Oooooh, off to bed now and let 11:01 come that bit quicker!

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