Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Eating chocolate and watching YouTube...

... yep. Sad aren't I? I blame Trish Wylie for blogging about YouTube on the Pink Heart Society yesterday.
Ah well. All in the name of research! ;)
Just watched Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy) discussing the loss of his virginity.
Hee hee.
I have my monthly meeting with the Christchurch rabble from the Romance Writers of NZ tomorrow night and I am SO looking forward to it! (And its not all because we go to this fab cafe where they serve the most incredible custard squares...). We have a cool little group - quite diverse - and all sorts of exciting things are happening in our wee corner. It will be nice to catch up!

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Anonymous said...

a night out eating custard squares! whoa - take it easy nats.....

p.s. dumb old amazon uk have told us that our copy of the book has been delayed and won't be here until july. perhaps due to over-demand??