Saturday, 12 May 2007

Movie Madness...

... in the end I went to bed at 7:50pm. So knackered.
But I did watch some of Bond tonight - was in the room next door writing the gist of the racy scene and kept nipping in to watch when the music got exciting... We have moved computer number 2 from our bedroom to the 'front room' downstairs - this is good cos it means hubby can watch DVDs while I work on the computer next door. (We don't have a telly and so watch movies on the computer or listen to BBC radio over the web cos we are really a couple of complete geeks). ANYWAY the really good thing is computer number 2 is IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET.
No more procrastinating!!!

p.s. my word count is going up (slowly) but I can't get into the wordometer site to adjust my wee worm...

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