Friday, 25 May 2007

Inspiration Point...

Look at this wonderful award winning photograph of Richie McCaw (All Blacks Captain and hero inspiration - see my first ever blogpost). This pic was taken by Peter Meecham of The Press (- see more here).
So here's Richie outside his hotel in Paris. And there are some lovely Parisienne women waiting for him - look at their smiles - can't say I blame them.
Anyway, Rhys' physique might possibly be based on Richie's. Good eh? I'm about to reveal that physique to my heroine. Lucky gal.
Meanwhile, these last few weeks my usual writing regime has taken a battering. Generally I write in the evenings once the children are in bed. BUT I confess I've been very tired recently and struggling to focus... cue lots of time wasted surfing etc.
Now apparently the best hours of sleep are those banked before midnight. So I need to get to bed earlier. So now I'm attempting to get up earlier and do the majority of my daily target in the a.m. Tricky because then I have a very long day ahead of me with the kids (hubby has always done the ultra-early breakfast run for me so I can snoozle in after the inevitable nocturnal interruptions). But I know I am more productive first thing so even if it is for less time I can (hopefully) get as much done. Then maybe I can do a little more before bed but get to bed a little earlier.
So anyway, we'll trial it and see what happens.
For those of you who fit writing around a fulltime job (be it kids or outside the home or both) when do you fit the words in? When is the time you find your concentration is at it's premium???
Any thoughts/suggestions welcomed!!!


Judy Jarvie said...

You're not wasting time surfing doll - you're refilling that well. V important, so don't feel guilty. We can't be powerhouses all the time (unless you're my daughter lol but she has hyperactive issues).

I should hang my head in shame. As you know pregnancy hormones have cut my production to zilch. Will I ever recover? I used to be a morning writing girl though (when nursery school was on I was type, type, typing). Guess that's about to change. jx

Natalie Anderson said...

You're allowed to get away with anything in pregnancy Jude ;) Ditto while you're nursing!!! (Spin the whole thing out as long as you can I say!)
I am just under four years away from getting my mornings - aside from early, early mornings that is.
The really scary thing is it will be that time before I know it and I'll wonder where the years have flown!