Friday, 6 April 2007


I've just finished the DRAFT! Phew! About 800 words under but I always add a few thousand in edits so this is not a problem - infact I'll probably have to cut scenes in the edits but hey, that's all good. Now I get to print it out and attack the monster with pens and highlighters and post-it notes and anything else I can find (...matches??!!!)
Meanwhile, keep those contest entries coming! Such fun!!!
AND I've got a title for my second book which is to be released in the UK in November this year:


- doesn't that sound like fun?!
(Actually, it is fun).
And my author profile and interview are up on the Mills & Boon website!

My babies were 6 months old yesterday - amazing to think 6 months have passed since that night when things happened a little early and a little scarily for our liking... and then to wake up the next day to that revisions request from M&B in London... since then I've gotten 'The Call', written and sold book two, and now just finished the draft of book three (which will hopefully be ok after some serious effort put into it). Meanwhile and much more importantly the babies are thriving, contented (apart from those darn teeth coming through) and utterly gorgeous.
Here's to the next 6 months!
I hope everyone has a fabulous Easter.


Judy Jarvie said...

You're firing ahead - yey! Express train Nat!

Enjoy the gorgeous babes...cherish em to bits and Happy Easter! jx Want baby pix soon

Scarlett Lane said...

Hi Natalie. Congrats on finishing your WIP, and love the title of your second book. Just wanted to tell you the exciting news that I received an email from Amazon today, telling me that All Night with the Boss has been dispatched already, and is on its way to me! I am so excited for you, can't wait to read it.