Saturday, 10 March 2007

Onwards and upwards!!!

Yay - I'm back on the word count after a couple of days off. I'm working to deadline again which is always a good thing. The deadline is a couple of months away but with my full plate I have to write every day to have even the slightest hope in meeting it. And I like writing every day. Well, some days I don't but I always feel brilliant when I do make that day's tally.

At the moment my couple are in the pool together. Not quite as cosy as these guys but you know, there's some heat there.

Meanwhile it seems book two (as yet untitled) will be released in the UK in November!!!! I'm very excited about that!!! And my outline for the one I'm working on as been accepted (good thing, as I've started it already!) and my Ed is getting back to me on the one after that as soon as she can which is fab because it means I have the next few months sorted out in my head...

... so long as I write every day!!!

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